03 February 2014

Favorite Love Scenes

I'm a total sap.

I cry at Hallmark commercials, sporting events, when my kids get up on stage...

I've been known to drip tears when a person triumphs against all odds.

I will blubber when a soldier comes home to his waiting family. Seriously, blubber.

It should be no surprise that my favorite loves scenes in the movies or books are those that happen when the couple has fought against great odds to finally, finally love one another. Heart melt.

Want some examples?

Star Wars when Leia admits that she loves Han Solo as he is about to be frozen. And his reply is, "I know."

City of Angels when the angel falls to his death to become a man for the woman he loves and they finally get together. I cried like a baby during that movie.

X Files. Yeah, I know, not your typical love story. But  Scully and Mulder had such a caring, loving, partnership. You knew that they loved each other even if they didn't act on it for like EVER. I miss that show.

Dirty Dancing. Baby and Swazie's character couldn't get involved. He was too old, too poor, (hot! whoops, did I just say that?) and she was young, rich, from the other side of the tracks. But the sparks sizzled when they were together and when they danced...whoa.

Pushing Up Daisies. Did you see that show? What an awesome premise. The hero had loved her since childhood, but there was one thing keeping them apart. Anything he touched died. Yeah, not a great thing. But how they pined after each other, while another character pined after him. Gosh, why did they kill off that show???

Those are some of my favorites. What are yours?


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