06 February 2014

Foreplay is the Best

Castle and Beckett's foreplay is all we really need.
Whether to shut the bedroom door or fling it wide open? That's definitely one of the eternal questions of a romance writer. I've written both ways, from complete full-on orgies to a fade to black.

Lately, my own personal preference as a viewer is for closing the door. For example, I don't want to see a full-on sex scene between Beckett and Castle on Castle. Their verbal foreplay is so good that I think the act itself would be disappointing. And the long dialogue scenes between Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in His Girl Friday is hotter than any scene between the sheets.

Television and movies are uniquely suited to verbal foreplay, especially if the chemistry between the actors is good. But can books do foreplay just as well?


Here's my favorite foreplay scene from the science fiction romance Hope's Folly by Linnea Sinclair. The hero, Philip Guthrie, and the heroine, Rya Bennton are both weapons experts. The scene is from Philip's point of view.

"What do you think it is?"

"Norlack 473 sniper, modified to handle wide load slash ammo." There was a noticeable reference in her tone. 

He pulled the rifle out, hefting it. She had a good eye. Norlacks weren't common. But recognizing it was modified for illegal and highly destructive charges...Then again, she'd seen it in action. 

"It is," he confirmed, amused now by the expression on her face. It had gone from reverence from almost rapture. 

"That is so totally apex." Her voice was hushed. "May I," and she glanced shyly at him, her eyes bright, spots of color on her cheeks, "fondle it?" 

He stared at her, not sure he heard her correctly. Then he snorted, laughing. Fondle it, indeed. 

He handed it to her. 

She took it, cradling it at first, then running her fingers lovingly down the barrel. 

Sweet holy God. He didn't have enough painkillers in him to stop his body's reaction to the smokiness in her eyes, or the way her lips partly slightly, the edge of her tongue slipping out to moisten them, as her hands slid over the weapon.

Philip and Rya aren't even touching in this scene and it's still smoking hot to this reader.

Have a happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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