21 February 2014

Love in the dark...

This month's theme is supposed to be about our favorite love scenes from stage, screen or page. Whatever the medium, I tend to prefer those scenes that are more about emotion, than direction. I prefer the fade to black; waking up the next morning after some scorching kisses; even panning out the window to watch fireworks in the night sky -- such a cliché, but Hitchcock made it work. ;)

In my own writing, I've said this before and I'll say it again: I prefer the sizzle over the sex. I prefer to write and read about the tension that leads up to the ultimate act. That tension, that falling-in-love is what the romance is all about. Sex scenes themselves are tricky because, for one thing, too much detail can leave the reader feeling like they're either reading a biology text or wondering: "Is that even physically possible?"

So I like those scenes that deal with the sizzle, the emotion, and gloss over the play-by-play. It's sort of a soft-focus effect, but for me, it works.

My latest story, One Little Slip, hopefully gives the reader just enough sense of heat and passion, without becoming a textbook what-goes-where scene. ;) I hope. You'll have to read it and let me know if I hit the mark.

http://www.amazon.com/Keeper-Heart-Anthology-Meg-Allison-ebook/dp/B00I13WJKC/ref=sr_1_6?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1393002132&sr=1-6&keywords=keeper+of+the+heart (c)2014 Bat Collective

A mysterious invitation. A secret flight. And a beautiful, magical tropical paradise. A place where wishes come true, but not in a way that one might expect…

Freyja’s Eye. Not found on any map, impossible to locate, the island is the realm of the Goddess Freyja. It is a destination for the lovelost—those who have given up hope of ever finding their one, true love…the other half of their soul. It is a place where the deepest desires of every heart are fulfilled…when they are finally acknowledged. The path to love isn’t easy, but boy, romance sure is a delightful fantasy on this island.

One Little Slip
(c)2014 Meg Allison

It’s a recipe for disaster…
Combine a haunted house in paradise, one injured warrior, and a woman hell-bent on standing on her own four-inch heels.
Fiona Reid expected to spend her free vacation at a five-star resort, not in a dilapidated plantation house straight out of the nineteenth century. She certainly didn’t expect the forced close company of one handsome and slightly infuriating security agent.
Julio Alvarez needs to let his wounds heal, and get back to his familiar life. The last thing he needs is a prickly brunette in killer shoes and ghosts that do his bidding.

Meg Allison
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