17 February 2014

Magnus is a Valentine Surprise

I decided to do something a little different this Valentine's Day. I decided to publish a book. It was a complete surprise to just about everyone, since I hadn't publicized a date in connection with the book ahead of time. I just released it. No fuss. No fanfare.

Why? Well, maybe I'm a little crazy. Maybe I'm a little disorganized. Maybe I just wanted to surprise readers with an unexpected treat. Mostly, it's the last one, but I will admit to a little of the first two as well.

The way I see it, there are a lot of unrealistic expectations built up around holidays. Not just Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Valentine's Day. And a few others where popular culture tells us the day should be spent one way - surrounded by family, or cuddling a loved one, or having a blast at a barbeque with eighty of your closest and most fun-loving friends. Things like that. Things that not everyone can do for one reason or another.

Maybe all your close family is gone and you're spending Thanksgiving with just one or two other people - or your fur babies. Maybe you're single. Maybe you don't have crowds of friends who all like to barbeque and drink heavily. Whatever.

Yet, for some reason, there seems to be all this pressure on us each holiday to have that "good time" - however popular culture is defining it in relation to that particular holiday. It can be stressful. Especially for a quiet person - the kind of person who generally likes to read for recreation. I know I fit into that category.

So I thought this Valentine's Day, why not give those quiet people something to enjoy? Why not surprise a few special people who like my books with something unexpected?

And so, I released Tales of the Were: Magnus, very quietly, on Valentine's Day.

It wasn't the biggest, splashiest release I've ever had. I hadn't told anyone about my plans. But much to my gratification, the people who I intended to surprise, got it. The response from folks who've been asking me for the next book has been awesome, and I'm tickled pink that my little surprise worked out so well.

I'm very much the kind of person who likes to give presents rather than receive them, and this feels a little like that. It's a good feeling. And I hope my book was able to bring a little joy into a long weekend where expectations for Friday, February 14th, were very high, indeed.

If you haven't heard about my surprise release, here's what it's all about...

A tortured vampire, a lonely shifter, and a deadly power struggle of supernatural proportions. Can their forbidden love prevail?

Magnus Redstone is the middle of the five Redstone brothers. He’s the quiet one. The one who keeps to himself more than the others. But he has good reason for his loner status. Two years ago, he met a woman. Not just any woman. This woman made his inner cougar stand up and roar. Even in human form, he purred when she stroked him. She was his mate. And that meant something very serious among shifters. Too bad the lady had fangs...

Following a lead about a very bad man, Mag discovers Miranda being held captive by an evil mage in a cage of silver that burns her. She’s been tortured and bled repeatedly as the monster sought to steal her power for his own. Mag frees her and takes her to his home, nursing her back to health and defying all convention to keep her with him. He doesn’t ever want to let her go again, but he knows the deck is stacked against them.

When a vampire uprising threatens the stability of the Las Vegas scene, Mag and Miranda are right in the middle of it, fighting against evil. More than just their necks are on the line when a group of vampires seek to kill them and overthrow the current Master vampire of the area. But they have powerful allies, and their renewed relationship has made both of them stronger than either would ever be alone. Will they prevail against all odds, and can they stay together forever? Or will the daylight - and their two very different worlds - tear them apart again?

You can buy Magnus now from: Amazon - B&N - Smashwords
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