22 January 2008

Futuristic Romances Pre-2004: A Very Long List

Bianca's post yesterday got me thinking about a newsletter I used to helm called the Science Fiction Romance Newsletter. I handed over the masthead in time, and the newsletter is no longer active, but at one time I gathered what I felt was the most complete list of futuristic romances from mainstream publishers available at the time. I was a regular list maniac. I had many lists. I narrowed my lists into subgenres and ended up having different lists for releases from mainstream romance houses, mainstream sf/f houses, and small presses because the lists became too unwieldy when combined.

On this particular list, I combined current day or first contact romances with space opera, future Earth, time travel with/from future Earth, and different planets. This list also doesn't take into account when authors have gotten their rights back and re-released the books for a new and adoring public to appreciate.

Anyway, I've wanted to update this list for years, and I thought I'd share it here if anyone is interested in its "historical" significance. Also, maybe making it public will force me to begin the task of updating. The last time I weeded this garden was -- ouch! -- early 2004. I'm sure you folks can help, too! Right? Right? :) The links should take you to the books' summaries at Amazon, or they did when they existed on the old site.

So, do you remember many of these old gems? Not that they're all antiques, but do you know which one of these was released the earliest? Did you know there were *this many* released before today's yummy boom of sf romances?

Anthologies: Charmed, Enchanted Crossings, In Our Dreams, Lovescape, A Mother's Way, Night Magic, The Only One, Out of This World, Silent Night, Summer Love.
Archer, Jennifer: Shocking Behavior.
Arnold, Judith: A> Loverboy (HA 389).
Ashley, Amanda: The Captive, Deeper Than the Night, Sunlight/Moonlight.
Avery, Anne: All's Fair, A Distant Star, "Dream Seeker" in Enchanted Crossings, Far Star, Hidden Heart.
Baker, Madeline: Beneath a Midnight Moon, Warrior's Lady.
Ballard, Patricia: By Honor Bound.
Bangs, Nina: Night Games, An Original Sin (Wink & A Kiss, 3).
Barbieri, Elaine: Dance of the Flame.
Barry, CJ: Unearthed, Unraveled.
Bennett, Janice: Amethyst Moon.
Brandewyne, Rebecca: Beyond the Starlit Frost, Passion Moon Rising.
Brockman, Susan: Time Enough for Love (Loveswept, No 858).
Burke, Cinnamon: Lady Rogue, Rapture's Mist, Ring of Fire.
Campbell, Marilyn: Pyramid of Dreams, Stardust Dreams, Stolen Dreams, Topaz Dreams, Worlds Apart.
Cane, Nancy: Circle of Light, Keeper of the Rings, Moonlight Rhapsody, Starlight Child.
Castle, Jayne: After Dark, Afterglow, Amaryllis, "Bridal Jitters" in Charmed, Harmony, Orchid, Zinnia.
Casto, Jackie: Daughter of Destiny, Dreams of Destiny, The New Frontier.
Cameron, Stella: Early in the Morning in Summer Love.
Cavanaugh, Sara: A Woman in Space.
Conn, Phoebe: Beyond the Stars, Starfire.
Cooper, Astrid: Crystal Dreams.
Copeland, Lori: The Best of Lori Copeland: Out of This World & Forever After.
Cresswell, Jasmine: Midnight Fantasy (Harlequin Temptation 574.
Davis, Justine: Lord of the Storm, The Skypirate.
Dawson, Saranne: Crystal Enchantment, From the Mist, Greenfire, Spell Bound, Star-Crossed, Starlight, Starbright Note: See books missing? Ms. Dawson has several books in the fantasy romance subgenre as well.
Deauxville, Katherine: Out of the Blue.
Delinsky, Barbara: The Outsider.
Elizabeth, Suzanne: Till the End of Time.
Estrada, Rita Clay: Forms of Love (Harlequin Temptation #500).
Flanders, Rebecca: Earthbound, Quinn's Way (Harlequin American Romance 558).
Fox, Karen: Somewhere My Love, Sword of MacLeod.
Gill, Judy: Whispers on the Wind.
Gordan, Deborah: Runaway Time.
Grant, Susan: Contact, The Star King, The Star Prince, The Star Princess , The Legend of Banzai Maguire , "The Day Her Heart Stood Still" in A Mother's Way anthology, "The Star Queen" in The Only One anthology, The Scarlet Empress.
Hall, Chloe: Ariel's Dance.
Hansen, Kim: Close Encounter (Harlequin American Romance #604).
Harris, Leann: Hunter's Heart.
Hooper, Kay: Summer of the Unicorn.
Hutchinson, Bobby: Not Quite an Angel (Harlequin Superromance #595.
Jordan, Marilyn: Warrior Moon.
Joy, Dara: Knight of a Trillion Stars, Mine To Take, "My One" in Lovescape, Rejar, Ritual of Proof.
Kauffmann, Donna: The Royal Hunter.
Kendyl, Sharice: To Share a Sunset.
Kenyon, Sherrilyn: Born of the Night, Paradise City.
Knight, Angela: Jane's Warlord.
Krentz, Jayne Ann: Crystal Flame, Shield's Lady, Sweet Starfire.
Krinard, Susan: "Kinsman" in Out of This World, Kinsman's Oath, Star Crossed.
Kyle, Kristen: Nighthawk.
Lee, Carole Ann: Banner's Bonus (Futuristic Romance).
Lindsey, Johanna: Heart of a Warrior, Keeper of the Heart , Warrior's Woman.
Madden, Mickee: One Bright Star.
Mallory, Tess: Jewels of Time, To Touch the Stars.
Maverick, Liz: The Shadow Runners.
Maxwell, Ann: Change, Dancer's Luck, Dancer's Illusion, Fire Dancer, The Jaws of Menx, Timeshadow Rider. Note: Most of the Ann Maxwell books were reprinted by romance publishers except Jaws of Menx, so look for it in the sf/f section of your bookstore.
McCutcheon, Pam: Golden Prophecies, Quicksilver.
McReynolds, Glenna: Prince of Time.
Michels, Christine: Ascent to the Stars (Love Spell), Beneath a Crimson Moon, In Destiny's Arms, In Fugitive Arms.
Morgan, Kathleen: Crystal Fire, Firestar, Firestorm (Five Star), Heart's Lair, Heart's Surrender (Five Star), The Knowing Crystal, Last Gatekeeper (Anthology: Enchanted Crossings). Note: See books missing? Ms. Morgan has several books in the fantasy romance subgenre as well.
Nance, Kathleen: Day of Fire.
O'Shea, Patti: Power of Two, Ravyn's Flight.
Owens, Robin: Heart Duel, HeartMate, Heart Thief.
Piel, Stobie: The Dawn Star, Lord of the Dark Sun, The Midnight Moon, The White Sun.
Popp, Robin: Too Close to the Sun.
Rafferty, Carin: Touch of Night (Dreamspun).
Richards, Emilie: From a Distance (SIM 456), Somewhere Out There (SIM 498).
Robb, J.D.: Betrayal in Death, Ceremony in Death, Conspiracy in Death, Glory in Death, Holiday in Death, Immortal in Death, "Interlude in Death" in Out of This World, Judgment in Death, Loyalty in Death, "Midnight in Death", in the anthology Silent Night, Naked in Death, Rapture in Death, Seduction in Death, Vengeance in Death, Witness in Death.
Roberts, Nora: Time Changes, Time Was (SIM 313).
Rock, Pam: Love's Changing Moon, Moon of Desire, Star Searcher, A World Away.
Roenbeck, Patricia: Golden Conquest, Golden Temptress.
Ross, JoAnn: Moonstruck Lovers (HT 436), Star-Crossed Lovers (HT 432).
Rush, Mallory: Kiss of the Beast (HT 558).
Savery, Jeanne: A Timeless Love (Zebra Regency Romance).
Shayne, Maggie: Out-Of-This-World Marriage (SIM 633).
Sizemore, Susan: After the Storm, Wings of the Storm.
Spangler, Catherine: Shadower, Shamara, Shielder, Shadow Crossing, Shadow Fires.
Speer, Flora: Destiny's Lovers, Lady Lure, No Other Love, Venus Rising. Note: See books missing? Ms. Speer has several books in the time travel romance subgenre as well.
Squires, Susan: Body Electric.
Stewardson, Dawn: Gone With the West (H Super 615), Moon Shadow (H Super 477).
Tarantino, Janice: The Crystal City, The Crystal Prophecy.
Taylor, Janelle: Moonbeams and Magic, Moondust and Madness, Stardust and Shadows, Starlight and Splendor.
Thompson, Trudy: Prisoner of Passion.
Waddell, Patricia: The Alliance (Lionheart), Whispers in the Stars.
Weyrich, Becky Lee: "Stars in her Eyes" in Night Magic.
Williams, Ann: Sam's World (SIM 615).
York, Rebecca: Prince of Time (HI 338), short story in In Our Dreams.
Zimlich, Jan: The Black Rose, Heart's Prey, Not Quite Paradise.


So. Let's update! Let me know what mainstream futuristics (or science fiction romances) have come out since 2004. I think we'll need to do a separate list for small press or it will be so long it frightens small children.

(I've got a fantasy romance list I can post as well, also woefully out of date.)

Jody W.
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