17 May 2008

Divination: Celtic Ogham - Duir

Other names: Dair, Derwen
Pronounced "door" (as in "boo") or "dweer"
Ogham Letter: D
Plant: Oak (Quercus sp.)
Month: May (Some sources say June, or anytime around May and June that includes Summer Solstice)
Energy: Masculine
Color: Black or dark brown, or white
Planet: Sun
Deity: Dagda, Esus, or Taranis
Crystal: Bluestone, sarsen - stones of stone circles

Symbolic of the Oak King, ruler of the lighter half of the year. Its role as the king of trees is set deep in the British psyche, representing the essence of kingship. King Arthur's round table was made of oak.

Oak is a symbol of security, protection and strength. Its roots go as deep into the ground as the branches reach into the air. Good month for working magic of all positive purposes. Root word thought to be the same as that of "Druid", hence the Druids' strong association with this tree as their symbol. Merlin was thought to have practised magic in an oak grove, with an oak wand.

Oak is the doorway to inner knowledge, and the ability see the invisible - or to be invisible.

A straight-trunked, slow-growing tree, oak is easy to identify among other trees on the horizon. The wood is hard and burns slowly. The acorns feed animal and human alike.


Physical: When Duir appears in your spread, it's an indication that a hands-on approach will help you build the very skills you wish to have. You learn by doing - don't be afraid to get in there and get your hands dirty.
Mental: Your open mind has been accumulating knowledge long enough - it's time to use your generous heart to start sharing the wisdom you've gained.
Spiritual: Have the wisdom to know life is unpredictable. Be strong, as an Oak is strong even when struck by lightning. Duir even makes an appearance in the word endurance (dur = duir).
Negative aspect: Refusal to change your thinking in the face of reason. Be careful you are not forcing issues or overriding others in the pursuit of your own personal ambition.

Oak tree, Middleton Place, South Carolina


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