22 August 2008

Ooops! I dropped the ball today.

Good evening everyone. Today was my day to blog...and it totally did not occur to me that it was already August 22nd. I should have been prepared as the kids have started back to school.

So, here I am sitting at the computer with swollen feet and aching legs, trying to come up with something. Why the swollen feet you ask?

Today, my two sisters, mother, and myself made our annual visit to the Kentucky State Fair where we walk our buns off! It's nice to do once a year and gives us a "girl's day out" which is something very much needed time and again.

One of the things we decided to do was participate in the blood drive...well...me and the middle sister (I'm the baby - gotta love me!). We went through the whole gamut of questions and anemia test...but my BP was too high so my sister was on her own. While she laid on the table bored out of her gourd, we sat up front, munched on cookies and drinks. Ahhh the sisterly love.

There is a section where the counties of Kentucky promote themselves and about 98% of them have drawings for one thing or another. Last year, I brougt one of the hundreds of packets of address labels so I didn't have to fill out each and everyone of those little papers. Of course, I got ripped at every booth because I failed to give that tip to them. Well, this year I told the in advace...so there!

I went one step further this year. I used my business cards as the entry slip...I ever win anyway, but it was one form of promo.

I met a woman and her mother who were excited to hear about Midnight Reborn. The really neat thing is the setting of the story is Louisville, Kentucky and that's where we were...in Louisville. People get all keyed up when they find out there is someting in the story that will be very familiar to them.

I apologize profusely to the Beyond the Veil blog readers for this last minute rambling blog. Hopefully, next time (if I am still allowed on here next time), I will be prepared.

Good night all and have a wonderful, safe weekend!

Hugs and Kisses!

Diane McEntire
Midnight Reborn - The Watchers, Book One
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Carolan Ivey said...

Hey, Diane! This is a hectic time of year for everyone, with the transition from summer to school. :)

I LOVE state fairs! When we lived in Columbus, we never missed the Ohio State Fair. My parents would drive all the way from NC to go with us because Dad loved the corn on the cob. They'd roast the ears, then put them on a stick and dip the entire thing in melted butter and throw a handful of salt on it.

Mmmm. Now what was that about blood pressure? LOL

Diane McEntire said...

I look for the deep fried twinkie every year and never find it! Darn! I wish I could take the kids but the weekends are so packed and they start the thing right after the kids start school - duh!