06 August 2008

What day are we on?

It's summer. Lazy days and no paying attention to the calendar. Or the clock, for that matter, but let's pretend I posted this in the early hours of the morning, shall we?

It occurs to me I don't pay much attention to the passing days, weeks or months in real life, unless I'm marking the time to get to something good. The birth of a baby. The end of that cold sore on my lip. The conference in DC in 2009 - the one I should be able to attend.

And it's like that in my books, too. Days, months, years pass with the same fluidity as in my own life.

Only I've birthed a compulsive calendar-watcher. My five year old yells at me when the calendar still shows July in August (it still does, fyi) or the really awful time we went from May to July. (the picture for June was yucky, though, so it worked out well for me.)

The difficulty in his attentiveness was made clear last night...his older brother is away for three weeks, and poor Tank had a meltdown. Which means we are now counting down sleeps til Brother comes home. I'm aware of time in a way I never have been before...and I'm going to tell you a secret...
being this aware of the passage of time is frightening to me.

So...which are you? Compulsive calendar watcher? Or ignorer of time?


Carolan Ivey said...

LOL! I'm a total ignorer. How funny, my son (16) also can't stand it if I let the calendar sit on last month's page. :)

Sela Carsen said...

I ignore it, but kids seem to be more compulsive about calendars. I got dd a pop-up calendar of ancient Egypt and she loves it.