31 May 2010

Holy Moly, Batman, Print Books Have Arrived!!!

First off, let me wish you all a very loving Memorial Day. There are not enough words to express my deep, heartfelt gratitude to those men, women, mothers, fathers, lovers, friends, and children who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep the rest of safe. One day is clearly not enough.

Now if you'll plug you're ears, I am going to let out a...SQUEEEEEEE!

Sorry, that was a bit loud, and obnoxious, but oh wow. I can't believe it. On Wednesday the UPS man brought my author copies of Catch Me in Castile.

I started writing this story twenty-two years ago. I created at least four, maybe five complete rewrites. From the first draft to the last I changed the dialogue, point of view, character arcs, character motivations, character names, characters period, the title, my penname, genres, time periods, and more. Finally, finally, I hold it in my hand.

And it's so pretty!

Shiny. Colorful. Smells good, like fresh ink on pristine paper. Listen to that, the crisp sound as I flip those pages. Wow, oh wow.

I refuse to cry on those sparkly white pages.

I will.

As I run to get a tissue, tell me what you would do to celebrate the completion of a twenty-two year project.

Kimberley Troutte



Hailey Edwards said...

Woo hoo! Congrats! I have a book (series) that I have a funny feeling will land me in the same situation.

However long it takes to write correctly and whenever it is sold, I can't even imagine what I would do.

You should go out for a nice dinner, with your book. Have a molten lava cake and ice cream, with your book. Then stroll down to B&N, so that your book understands that is where it is supposed to end up. Cap your night off by crawling into bed and giving your book its own pillow. After all, it deserves it. ;)

Kimberley Troutte said...

Wow, Hailey, that sounds like a stupendous plan. I think my book deserves a little bubbly too. Just sayin'.

Funny thing, it's my hubby's birthday too. We could pretend it's all about him. :)

Jean Marie Ward said...


Kimberley Troutte said...

Thanks so much Jean Marie. I am truly thrilled. Kimberley