28 June 2010

Slow Sweet Days of Summer

I’ve always loved summer.

What’s not to like?
Sizzling hot days,
Drippy ice cream cones,
Water-gun fights,
Watermelon seeds spitting competitions,
Running in ice-cold sprinkler-spray,
Chowing down at bar-b-ques,
Wrapping up in sleeping bags in our tent in the backyard.

My baby boy was born in the summer. All cute and cuddly with his chubby legs, toothless smile, and sweet, delicious baby smell. I was a mom full of awe and wonder. Here was this precious bundle of joy, so perfect, so amazingly wonderful. His smile warmed my heart and his hugs and kisses melted my soul.

As he learned his first words, started to crawl, took those awkward, dangerous baby steps, I held his hand and adored him. Each summertime we played and laughed and grew. Summers passed like sweet wine.

At the end of this summer, my baby will be going into ninth grade. High school! Up ahead are fast cars, tough classes, and loose women (okay, girls, I meant to say girls). Sigh. Where have all the summers gone?

Well, I’m going to slow this one down. Breathe in every minute, luxuriate in every second, drink in every last drip. I'll keep telling myself that high school is just another baby step into my son's manhood. And I'm still here ready to hold his hand with total adoration.

What is your favorite summer memory?

Kimberley Troutte

1 comment:

Carolan Ivey said...

My baby boy GRADUATED high school this year! I'm like you - where did the time go? *sigh*

He's still my cuddle bear, though. :)