25 March 2011

Finding the rhythm...

I love music. It lifts me up. Makes me sad. Sets the mood for so many things in life -- dancing around the kitchen with my kids; indulging in memories; expressing my faith; cleaning the house; working through plots; connecting with the characters in my head; celebrating; mourning.

Music has become such a part of me that I really can't see living without a tune to hum or a chorus to sing again and again. Yes, I am that annoying. ;)

Growing up, I loved to watch musicals on television. I'd slip into the magical world where everyone knew the lyrics and the dance steps, letting the stories become part of me. I can still remember the lyrics to songs I haven't sung or heard in ages... but do I remember the algebraic equation to find the circumference of a circle? Um, not so much, although I really thought I knew that one. :\

Not to sound corny or anything, but music is a part of my soul. Okay, so that does sounds corny. Sorry. But it's true.

My soul, it seems, is continually changing. My tastes in music changes over time. I've had my country flings. My disco fevers. ;) While I still enjoy listening to those 80's hits (thank you flashback Saturdays), at the moment I gravitate more toward rock. Yes, I still prefer the softer side of it all -- there's only so much headbanging I can take. But I like the darker messages; the emotional pathos of the Indie rock.

Then again, give me a Michael Buble song just to lighten the mood. I adore "I Just Haven't Met You Yet".... It's so happy; hopeful; optimistic. All emotions that aren't so easy to hang on to day by day. We all need a bit of hope to carry us through, otherwise the darker stuff can really drag us to rock bottom. Pun intended. ;)

Music is essential to my life. Life, itself, is all rhythm and sound. Even in the most silent of rooms; the most desolate of settings; you still hear and feel the beat of the earth. The breath of the wind. The tick of the clock. The underlying hum of the world around us both mechanical and human.

Even in silence -- like the complete, utter silence after a storm has knocked out the power -- I can still hear the music. It's indelibly etched and recorded on my mind.

Ah... I can hear it calling to me now. A certain emotional song that expresses all the longing and fears of my latest hero. I think he needs to talk. ;)

~~Meg Allison
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