12 September 2008

Babylon A.D.

I’m a movie buff. I love movies though I’ve only been watching them for about five years now. I LOVED Pitch Black ‘00. Loved it! It made me an uber fangirl of Vin Diesel. In fact, I was so taken with Vin’s Pitch Black character he was the muse for my hero in Torc’s Salvation a futuristic romance co-authored under Melany Logen.

I also very much enjoyed The Chronicles of Riddick ‘04.

Babylon A.D. is a good fantasy/science fiction film starring the above mentioned Diesel. Has anyone else seen it?

Toorop (Diesel) is a mercenary hired by an old ally, to transport a young girl named Aurora from Eastern Europe to New York City. In the violent futuristic Earth world, she needs someone with Toorop's skills as a smuggler. I won’t spoil the rest for you… Yet, I will admit I was hugely disappointed in the romantic element. It failed miserable. Which is kind of sad since the possibility of really working the romance out was there.

The next movie on my “gotta see” list is MAX PAYNE! This one looks awesome! Anyone else looking forward to this one?

Until later~
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