20 September 2008

Playing with toys

Most of us never outgrow a desire for toys. We may stop calling them toys - talking about our hobbies, our passions, or our games. And then we play with our pots and pans, seeds and trowels, cameras, or video games. What are these things but toys for grownups?

Some of them are tools as well. To the chef, a $75 knife is a necessity. To a professional photographer, the next generation DSLR camera is a tool. But to most of us, any knife would get the vegetables chopped; any point-and-shoot camera would capture the moment and save it in print. Getting the shiniest and most accessory loaded version is just another way to have a more enjoyable toy for the job.

I do love my toys. In the kitchen, it's my name brand mixer, my french press, and my satisfyingly heavy Dutch oven. A Florida garden is a bit to hot and humid for me to have ever fallen in love with it as a potential playbox – my tomatoes are a hearty bunch, forced to live or die with minimal gardener assistance - but cameras and tech gadgets I have aplenty. And then there's my secret stash.


Not the books. The little people down in front.


They keep me company in the still, quiet mornings when it is just my keyboard and me, watching when my fingers fly and when they droop. They’ve acted out hundreds of scenes, and there’s times when I don’t really know if the words came from them or me.

One went missing once.


I found him, in another room of the house. I’d like to think he took to his wings and went searching for adventure, but it is much more likely he was helped on his way by sticky fingers and a first grader’s curiosity. The first grader has now been told to keep her fingers to herself.


Last time I posted here, I was about to head off to San Francisco for the RWA conference. Now it’s time to share some of the books that came home with me!


Want to win this supernatural book package? It’s easy enough. Leave me a comment here, telling me what your favorite toy is. Or drop me an email at ember@embercase.com with “Toy” in the subject.

Deadline for entry is Sept 24th; winner announced Sept 25th. Please make sure you leave a valid email address so I can get ahold of you to send you your prize.

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