24 September 2008

Writing Seasons

Well, my summer flew by. It's hard to believe it's late September and the leaves are starting to turn. There are a number of reasons I look forward to September, even if I regret the passing of summer, but one of them is that I can always refocus on my writing. Summers, not so much.

I've started a new book. The opening is trickier than I'd realized. That opening is the foundation of the book for me, and I need to make it solid before I can write the middle. If not, I start feeling like my characters are puppets and I'm jerking their strings around. Not the effect I'm going for.

I hope to be finished this book by winter. Winter is also a good time to focus on writing. Everyone hunkers down, the days are short, and apart from the holidays, it's generally a quieter time around here. So finish this book and, fingers crossed, start another. I've had the seeds of it for a while.

Spring is short and sweet here, but it's when the big distractions begin. It's when I need to finish up any major projects before the arrival of summer. Because summer, while I love summer, is damned hard to write, between vacations and renovations and everyone underfoot.

Good time to read though.
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