25 June 2011

Doggone It!

Hello, my name is Cujo. Really. I’m a long haired dachshund. The other dog in the picture is my adopted sister Sugar. She's not as sweet as her name. She tries to tell me what to do. And she steals my blankie--that's what's beside her on the floor. She says it's ugly, but I love to lie on it and lick it.

My two-legged parents thought my name would be funny. And hey, I liked the sound. When I was a puppy. Now, not so much. Anyway sometimes I do try to live up to my name, but that just gets me in trouble. I ask you, why would my two-legged parents name me Cujo, then be so surprised when I growl?

I’ll bet you’re wondering why a dog is blogging. Well, it’s like this. My two-legged mom is supposed to blog, but she just couldn’t think of anything to say. She was upset, so I told her that I would blog for her. she was sooooo happy she scratched my head for an extra long time. I was hoping she’d give me food treat, but she says I’m fat. Excuse me, I’m fluffy.

My two-legged parents adopted me when I was a puppy. I was cute then, I’m handsome now. We live in a nice home that the two-legs complain about being too small. I don’t understand. There’s plenty of room to run around in here. And a nice floor to sleep on. What more do you need? Have I told you that I don’t understand the two-leggers? Strange creatures, if you ask me.

I’m getting off here now, and you should go and scratch the head of your four-legged friend. If you don’t have one, maybe your neighbor does. If you can’t find a four-legger, then maybe give another two-legger a scratch, or hug, or whatever.

I gotta get off here, my two-legged mom says it would freak people out if they see me typing. I think she’s wrong, but it’s time for my late morning nap anyway. Have a great weekend!

For Cheryel

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