15 June 2011

13 Things I'm Not Blogging About Today

I am not blogging about....

1) What I had for dinner. No, seriously, I won't tell you. I'm not talking about dinner-type food today, although mine was quite delicious. But that's all the information you get.

2) My cat. She blogged Monday and I may post something on her behalf tomorrow, but not today. Nope.

3) The publishing industry.

4) What in the heck my husband is doing in the kitchen when he's supposed to be making popcorn so we can watch a movie now that the kids are finally asleep. We've already had the dinner I'm not going to talk about, and now it's OUR time together, so what the HECK is he doing instead?

5) My schedule for tomorrow. Which may or may not include a post about Meankitty. I cannot confirm or deny it, because I'm not blogging about it today. It may have to include watching a certain movie alone, though.

6) My work in progress, which may or may not be about a fake apocalypse. Just...not going there. That slippery slope leads straight into a blarrrrr about the publishing industry, and since I already decided not to blog about the publishing industry, my WIP is offlimits too.

7) All the laundry that piled up during vacation last week. I could have been doing some of it today, but instead of laundry, I was working on that thing I can't mention, then the other thing, and I can't do laundry now because I'm supposed to watch a movie with SOMEBODY who has DISAPPEARED into the kitchen, and what the heck is going on in there? What is that mysterious ticking noise?

8) This is the mysterious ticking noise, btw:

9) I'm not going to blog about The Mysterious Ticking Noise, I'm going to just let it speak for itself.

****WHERE was I? Right. I am not going to blog about...

10) Politics.

11) The RWA Conference preparations and how excited I am about going. Because I'm not going. I thought I might stay home and spend time with SOMEBODY who has this sudden need to disappear into the kitchen and not make popcorn. What's in there, an alternate dimension? A comic book he's never seen before? Boatloads of laundry?

12) The movie I'm not watching, because of that disappearing SOMEBODY. I mean, is this some kind of trick? A disappearing trick? Is he studying to be a magician, and this is his homework? Or is he a spy, like Perry the Platypus, and he's jumped through the front door of the dryer to disappear into his secret spy hideout before going on a mission that apparently does not include popcorn for me?

13) The excellent news that... Oh, the popcorn's ready. Gotta go.

Jody W.
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