29 June 2011

Ten things I'm going to do on my Summer Vacation

I have always had a summer vacation. I think. I mean, I may have worked a different job, or just worked period over the summer between college semesters, but there has always been that three months (or 10 weeks, if you want to get technical) in the middle of the year where I do something different. Now that I have a new job that is full time during the school year, I am once again living in that glorious time between the end of one school year and the beginning of another. I have big plans. 

1) Sleep past 5 am. 
2) Not get out of my pajamas until at least 7:30
3) Watch television without a computer on my lap

Yeah, you see how glamorous my life is. This is pretty much all I want from the first week of no work, no school, no have to be anywhere at any type of specific time, uh, time. But I DO have other things to do.

4) finish manuscript. Since this is now contracted, I need to get the lead out. Fortunately we're on the home stretch of the first draft, and much of the beginning has already been through the editing machine. Edits I can work on in the fall. 
5) Find agent. This is more of a 'I am going to throw stuff out there and see what sticks' kind of goal. I'm in no hurry with this Steampumk story, except that I want to have it a home before the Steampunk fad fades away. I have had several requests already, so I'm taking it nice and steady.
6) Go to the beach and take day trips with the Boy. I have some money now, and I owe him some serious Mommy time. Not that we haven't had fun at home, but I'd like to show him something else of the world besides our backyard. I bought us a membership to the Adventure Aquarium. We like it there. We also have a trip to NYC scheduled for my birthday (the big one) in August, and I am so excited. We've been before, but we have tickets to a show and to the Harry Potter exhibit and we're just going to have a great time.
7) Start next Steampunk book. I know, I have one last Library of Athena book to write, and it's contracted even, but I have been DYING to write this next book and if I don't at least map it and write the first two chapters I'll scream.

And these are the things I MUST do. 

8) Write a Worldbuilding in Fantasy lecture for a seminar I'm giving at the beginning of August. I'm being paid, so this is a must. 
9) Start planning for next year's lessons. I am the very first librarian my school has ever had. Ever. And so I have a lot of catching up to do. Because once the school year starts, it's going to be all go-go-go all the time. Boy will have football, I will be back in Grad School, and the library itself needs to be completely processed and cataloged. Completely. So I need to get a jump start on the day to day stuff like lessons.

And most important:

10) Try and remember to relax and have some fun. Read. Go swimming. Drink girly drinks and sit by the fire. I am the kind of person who thinks she's being lazy if I'm not doing something every minute of the day. I think I need to break out of that pattern.

Enjoy your summer!
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