30 May 2013

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Photos from Balticon '13

Technically, my next blog is June 1, the start of "Some Like it Hot" month here at Beyond the Veil. Since none of the stories I'm working on fall into that category, I figured I should cogitate on the subject a bit more.

Instead, I offer a Thursday Thirteen of photos from Balticon 47, held in Hunt Valley, Maryland last weekend.  Enjoy!

It wouldn't be Balticon Friday without some Dancing in the Gears, the annual Steampunk ball featuring 19th century dances.
Author Stephanie Burke shows off her Steampunk finery.
Panel moderator Becca Davis (left) and former wrestler Nate Nelson instruct attendees in the finer points of not killing each other in the Stage Combat Workshop.  If you think it looks a lot like pro wrestling...you're right!
Two pairs of attendees at the Stage Combat Workshop learn the finer points of pretending to lead a subdued opponent around the room. In fact, the person in the head lock is doing the leading.
Meanwhile, there was belly-dancing in the halls.

And splendid costumes.  My only regret is I didn't get to this year's Masquerade.

Steampunk was definitely the style of choice. Here Hildy Silverman, the publisher of Space and Time, gives it a ninja spin.

Guest of Honor Joe Haldeman and his lovely wife Gay, one of the nicest people in the SF community.

Dark Quest Books editor Danielle Ackley-McPhail (second from left) and some of Dark Quest's more melodious authors celebrate dames at the Dark Quest Mega-Launch Party.

Filker and Dark Quest author Danny Birt tries to learn the lyrics on the fly, while playing guitar. Kids, don't try this at home.

Of course, a little thing like mental safety wouldn't stop our own Christine Norris, Dark Quest's newest acquisition editor.  And yes, folks, she's acquiring. You can see the post here.

SF erotica icon Cecilia Tan just before our Buzzy Mag interview. I think this was the only serious second in the the whole talk, which covered everything from writing for teen magazines to baseball to David Bowie--well, you knew we had to get space aliens in there somehow.

And in closing, the Motorcycle Fairy. How do you top that?
Well I guess you could check out my Flickr page for the rest of the photos.  Enjoy!
Jean Marie Ward


Anya Richards said...

That looks like an AWESOME time! Wish I were there...

Jean Marie Ward said...

It was a lot of fun, Anya. I just wish I could've made it to the Masquerade.

A. Catherine Noon said...

That looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing a little of the experience with us!

Jean Marie Ward said...

My pleasure!

Christine Norris said...

I wish it had been warmer or I would have dressed up a bit more! I had on a great Doctor Who shirt under that, but I was freezing all weekend!

It was a great time!