16 May 2013

If You Give A Kid A Camera...

Recently, as in yesterday, I had to perform that painful authorial duty that happens to so many of us -- I had to get new headshots. Accompanying me to meet the professional photographer at our chosen outdoor locations were my sister and her 20 month old daughter.

Now my sister is a careful mom who's doing a great job with her kiddo. One thing she does so she can be that careful mom is to make a certain allowance in a certain situation in order to preserve her own sanity. By that oh so descriptive sentence, I mean she has a childproofed old iPoon she lets the baby play with in the car. The iPoon's name is Carl.

Baby has found the camera function on the iPoon. So I thought I'd share some of baby's art on the way to and from my photography appointment. Keep in mind these are merely a small sampling of the images we found on the camera.

1. Shoes!

2. Something fleshy.

3. Baby hair.

4. No more shoes!

5. A gingham toy.

6. A leg.

7. Two legs and a foot.

8. Oooh, nice foot.

9. I need a drink from the sippy cup. Hold on, Carl.
10. I lost my purple shoes somewhere....new shoes!

11. Caspar the friendly Megablox ghost.

12. Mr. Moto Monkey

13. Baby :)

What does this have to do with writing paranormal and this month's topic of finding writing ideas or when good ideas go bad? Not much, actually. My sister's idea of letting the kid play with the old iPoon isn't bad SO far! And maybe one day Baby will take some pictures that lend themselves to a story...that reveal the perpetrator of a crime...or a shapeshifting alien....except Baby isn't saying much yet, and all we'd have to solve the mystery are 208 photos of almost exactly the same thing.


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