09 May 2013

When Good Ideas Go Bad

It's relaxing.

Art is therapeutic.

Knitting is easy.

I tried learning to knit many times throughout the years, since I've wanted to knit since I was a child.  My first experience with knitting was with a K-Tel Knitter, something you can't even find anymore and, oddly, the company won't allow any instructions to be posted - so if you do still have a K-Tel Knitter, good luck figuring out how to use the blasted thing!

Thankfully, crafters are a little obsessed and I noticed many more resources this time when I went looking than the last time, which was when I actually wanted to use my K-Tel Knitter.  Irony, thy name is craft.

Or, cat.  Depends on your point of view, especially if you craft in a house with cats.

Needless to say, I could not figure out knitting from a book.  It took me a lot of years of frustration before I learned I have a learning style where I don't translate 3-D to 2-D and vice versa.  I am a kinesthetic learner, which means I learn by doing, and I need to have someone show me things.  I took my first knitting class in 2000 and POOF!  INSTANT YARN ADDICT!

I started Knoontime Knitting in March of 2008, just after I started my main blog.  I wanted to explore this thing called "three dimensions" since apparently, I live there.  An amazing thing started to happen - I wanted to knit everything!  I wasn't alone, either.  There's even a style of graffiti called "yarn bombing", where people put knitting in public places in unexpected ways.

d00d.  How can you resist the pom-pom?  BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

I started taking weaving classes a couple years ago and haven't looked back, with the exception of a sad year where I couldn't afford to go because I was between jobs.  (Don't recommend doing that, it's not very fun.)  But I love weaving and have made some amazing things.

The biggest thing crafts have taught me, though, is that anyone that says they're easy and relaxing and anyone can do it...

Yeah, they're totally right.  It's a ball.  On a stick.  You should try it.

Who knows?  You might end up with the ranks of us fiber addicts.  "Hello, my name is A. Catherine Noon and I'm a knitter."

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
- E.E. Cummings

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