06 September 2013

Ahhh, September...

This is my favorite time of the year. Although it's not officially Autumn, the season is definitely in the air.

The nights are cooler; the sun sets sooner; the leaves are starting to change colors and fall from the trees. I can smell wood burning as neighbors try to take the chill off their houses. Then there's that school bus rattling down the road twice a day.

It also seems to be the time of year that my muse comes out of hibernation... or maybe it's home from vacation. ;)

I'm not sure why it's easier to write in the Fall. It could be the simple change in seasons and that I've always felt at ease and happy this time of year. It could also be the few extra hours of 'silence' as children go back to school or resume their on-line classes. Whatever the reason, I feel more inspired. I feel more equipped to face that cursor and the blank, white space.

What inspires you? Is it a season? A time of day? When does your muse seem to wake?

Meg Allison

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