05 September 2013

Meankitty "Bad Libs" Book Review: Tiger Tiger

TIGER TIGER by A. Catherine Noon and Rachel Wilder is a Urban fantasy/Paranormal M/M romance. I finished it in record time: about a day. Hey, I didn't say it was the QUICKEST record. The plot wasn't always easy to follow, but I defenestrated my way through. That's right. Defenestrated. Which is a fancy way of saying the authors threw the plot RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW.

The characters in this attractive book were named Sasha, Neal, and Steve. The first protagonist was a very soft character with black fur. Her relationship with the second protagonist reminded me of the movie THE SUN ALSO RISES because of their happy feelings for each other and the way they merely watched anytime they were faced with danger. The third character, on the other hand, was a real platypus. Should that character have been subjected to cancer of the left toe, I would have been quickly sad. I know I'm a cat, but playtpuses are just cute, you know?

There was never a moment in this book where I felt drunk. Mostly because I'm a cat and I don't drink alcohol. The furry plot was full of surprises. I creatively continued to turn pages. You HAVE to be creative when you turn pages in a cat body! The conflict was softly resolved. Soft like my belly. When I reached the end, I wanted to listen to birds and drink fluffy ouiska, which is pronounced "whiskey" according to Google. So you know that's crazy for me, since I just said I don't drink alcohol! The writing style is worth mentioning, too, since it was gracefully hard. I counted 624,987,524,618.2 typos to boot.

My summation: TIGER TIGER receives a grade of 428 on a scale of 1 to 2. And if that doesn't sound possible, it's just because you haven't yet read this fuschia book. I wanted to give this book a toothsome desk with a side of ridiculous chocolate.

Also, for the record I would like to adeptly state that cats are the bravest animals on earth and dogs are made of MRSA infection.


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