16 September 2013

September Mom

September brings new beginnings and fresh starts.

It also comes with a twinge of sadness for me because I like having my kids home for summer break. I enjoy going for walks with them, swimming, exploring the mountains and beaches. I relish our time together because it is so fleeting, so special. And time slows for no mom.

Oh boy. I have a feeling this might be a tough year for me. My eldest son just turned eighteen and will be graduating from high school and going to college while my youngest will be graduating from eighth grade and going on to high school.

I am so excited for them. Do you remember how you felt at these life-junctures? I do. I was a little scared and homesick, but I was excited too, thrilled actually, to be on my way.

I’m sure my boys feel the same. The great big world is in front of them with thousands of paths to take full of twists, turns, ups and downs.  Everything is exciting and bright. First loves, new friends and adventure await them and all they have to do is step off the roost and flap their wings.

Me? I’ll be back here in the old nest waving good-bye. Oh Lord, I choke up at the thought. I’m so not handling this well. Any suggestions on how to get through it?

I know in the end I will handle it because that's my job as Mom. I’ve prepared them and it is just about time for those chickies to fly. And with all my heart I want them to soar, looping in and out of the fluffy clouds seeing the world like never before. They know that I’ll always be with them. I’m not going anywhere. I’m the rock, the safe spot, the landing place.

They’ll hear me in their thoughts—would Mom want me to do this? They’ll see me at their doorstep should they need me and when they think they don’t. I’ll arrive with chicken soup and Tylenol when they get sick. I’ll weep all over their tuxedos at their weddings. I’ll be gripping their shaky hands when their babies are born.

I am in their wings, their memories, their hearts.

I am Mom.

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