20 September 2013

Signs, and More Signs...

There’s a reggae song from back in the 80’s that’s always been a favorite of mine. The lyrics of Lots of Signs by Tenor Saw say in part (and with some changes for clarity): "Life is one big road with a lots of signs, signs and more signs. Have to make up your mind to face reality all the time." 

Yeah. Love it. Just wish I was better at seeing the signs and facing up to what they mean!

There have been a number of turning points in my life and it feels as though I just muscled my way through them, without any real plan. I’m missing the signs (I often feel) that will give me a real indication of what I should be doing. I like to think I learn my lessons, but only with hindsight. It would be nice to have those moments of clarity while the effluvium is hitting the oscillating blades.

So it is in life, so it is with writing.

Once more I’m at a crossroads with my writing career and scrambling to make sense of it all. Oh, I had a plan (well, plans, really) but it hasn’t (they haven’t) worked. It would be nice to have a good idea why, but I really don’t. I work the plan, then the plan works me over and blows up in my face… BOOM. It gets a little disheartening sometimes. But I’ve tried sticking with it. After all, don’t people say, “Never give up.” “Try, try again.” “The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure.” Shouldn’t I be concentrating on ‘staying the course’? (Cliché alarm activated…)

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the universe’s way of telling me a certain path just isn’t for me, that it’s time to not just adjust the plan, but make an entirely new and radical one. Strike out in new directions. Forge a new trail… (Cliché alarm reaches maximum pitch).

We’ll see. All I can do is keep on keeping on (Cliché alarm dies a horrid death) and keep looking for signs. If anyone knows a good way to interpret the signs life sends us, do let me know!!
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