14 October 2007

Divination: Celtic Ogham - Ngetal

Ogham: Ngetal
Letter: NG
Plant: Reed or Broom
Color: green (nGlas) or blue
Animal: Goose
Chakra: All
Month: November
Planet: Moon, Pluto
Energy: Feminine
Deities: Cernunnos, Manannan. Some sources say Pwyll, head of Annwn; Epona, or the Morrigan.
Crystal: Aquamarine, jasper

Ngetal, the 13th letter of the Ogham, is the Ogham of Samhain, as its specific dates are Oct. 28-Nov. 24. Reed in Scottish is "giolc," Irish "giolcach," Old Irish "gilcach."

The Reed (or broom) is a plant that grows straight and tall (up to 12 feet) in the shallow waters of marshes, ponds, streams and other wetlands. Its practical uses included household brooms, pencils, arrows, mats, baskets, roof thatching, and a thread-separating tool for weaving. Ritualistically it is used in besoms to purify sacred space, either by the action of sweeping or by burning it as a smudge.

It is a perennial plant that dies each autumn only to return in the spring. It is a perfect symbol for this time of year, the end of the Celtic year, a time to take stock, to sweep out the old in preparation for the new (Beith, new beginnings). Reed, with the noise it makes when the wind blows through dried stalks, is also symbolic of music, of bagpipes and flutes.

Reed was also known at “physician’s strength” or “robe of the physician”. as it was believed to be a heal-all. Thus it is good for clearing and healing all the chakras. The plant was used to treat malaria, gout and arthritis, toothaches, and as a diuretic.

Ngetal appearing in your draw is a signal you should put yourself first. It isn’t selfish to care for yourself, but sensible. You must look after yourself on all levels in order function well in mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Harmony between you and the universe; unity of purpose; accepting and adapting to change; spiritual growth.

Taking action to find direction, meaning and purpose to your life journey. Finding order in chaos.

Mentally, stay true to your original intention. Your target is in sight – don’t be distracted by surprises and upsets. The skills you use to overcome trouble and get to your goal, and the wisdom you gain from it, are as valuable as the journey itself.


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Karoline Rose O'Sullivan said...

Hi Carolan,
I have read on other websites that Ngetal stands for October not November and means suprises,have you heard this? where did you collect your information? Thanks. K

Carolan Ivey said...

Hi Karo,

I use a wide variety of sources, mainly:

Ogam: Celtic Oracle of the Trees by Paul Mountfort

Celtic Wisdom Sticks by Caitlin Matthews

Not Your Mama's Tree Ogham by Erynn Rowan Laurie

Celtic Tree Mysteries by Stephen Blamires

Celtic Tree Oracle by Colin Murray

Green Man Tree Oracle by John Matthews

Various writings of Martyn Pentacost

Hope this helps!