31 December 2007

Do You Believe in Luck??

Growing up, my family had a New Years' tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage to start the new year off with good luck. This was a Midwestern tradition that when I moved down south was told...."No! You're supposed to eat black-eyed peas." Well, all right. So I did. My luck has never been stellar, but last year I ate neither and probably had the worst year of my life.

While starting off the new year with a healthy dose of fiber might be good luck for your colon, I've heard of other traditions that don't involve ingesting your luck. I have a friend who is from England and she said their tradition (might be regional in the UK) was to see who came in the door first after midnight. It's called First Foot. That person receives a kiss and present from the homeowner and is supposed to bring luck to the entire household for that year.

I have to say after this past year, I'm willing to try hopping down Broadway on one foot if it'll help me. So, tonight I'm making the corned beef. I have to work tomorrow, so I'll take black-eyed peas to work with me. That way, I've flanked the holiday in good luck meals to increase my chances of wiping out crappy luck from 2007.

While contemplating these dinners of prosperity, I wondered exactly where the traditions came from. I haven't found any answers to date, but wondered what traditions you and your family have for ensuring good luck through the coming year.

Wishing you and yours a safe, happy and luck-filled New Year.



Margo Lukas said...

Hmm - if I had to choose between cabbage and black-eyed peas, I don't think I'd choose either :) I'll take the corned beef in a Rueben Sandwich.

Hope you have a better year in 2008!


Sela Carsen said...

Come to my house! We had a gigantic NY morning breakfast, so I'm not making black-eyed peas today, but they'll get done this week for sure. Hoppin' John over risotto with sauteed shrimp and champagne butter sauce. I ga-ron-tee you'll like it!