28 August 2009

ANGELIC AVENGER has a cover!

This has been a big week for us around here. School started for the munchkins. :) Ordinarily, a reason to celebrate and bask in a day or two of quiet before plunging into the next project on the list; however, they're not being pawned off on a new teacher this year. Nope, they get me.

I have a whole new respect for Homeschooling parents and Elementary School teachers.

Just when I thought the week was going to drive me into a vacation at the funny farm, I received an email from Angela James. Now, I love her emails. This one was no exception - it held my cover art for my upcoming October release, ANGELIC AVENGER.

Kanaxa does beautiful work and this one is no exception. Isn't it pretty? I've been over the moon.

It's really happening. What started as a nagging voice in the back of my head at a movie theater while waiting for the show to start and became my very first independently completed manuscript is really going to be released. It's not a bad joke.

Everyone says to write the book of your heart and pray you don't have to sacrifice it on the alter of edits for the sake of selling. And that's what I did.

Stay tuned to my website for an upcoming contest to celebrate the launch of Bella in the world.

Here's the blurb, if you're interested:

The road to hell is paved with Heavenly desire...

Angelic Avengers, Book 1

Fetch a soul? No problem. Quell a little shape shifter rebellion? She can do that, too. Just an average day in the afterlife of Arabella "Bella" Morrison. Or, what she hopes will become an afterlife after restoring the cosmic imbalance caused by her suicide over a love affair gone bad.

Protect a willful fallen angel? That takes a little more teamwork than she's accustomed to. Especially when the team includes Gray Devereau, a sexy, half-breed angel who's got an eye on her - in more ways than one. Their attraction could set could set fire to Heaven itself. Normally not a problem for Bella, but Gray's sights are set on something more than a fly-by-night affair.

Save mankind from chaos? Bring it on. Let her heart trust a man enough to love again?

It'll be a cold day in hell...

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