01 July 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Reasons to Save our SJ

SJ Willing, one of our favorite people and the author of the frame story for Dunvegas, is in trouble. Five years after pancreas surgery that was supposed to fix things, but didn't, his pancreas has shut down completely. With proper medication, he can thrive. Without it, he will die. Soon. The problem is he doesn't have insurance to cover it and the meds cost over $250 a month.
The rest of us at Beyond the Veil are doing a number of things to help out. We'll announce them as they go live. But there's one thing you can do right now. If you've ever read Dunvegas--or if you're even thinking about it--please, click on the new Donate button we've added to the Dunvegas cover page. Here are thirteen reasons why:

1. Without SJ's tale of Roger Ing and Amanda Uhndame there wouldn't be a Dunvegas to enjoy.

2. In the close quarters of Dante 1, SJ's most recent sexy futuristic romance about the undercover agents of PIACT, everything the hero and heroine have is stripped away. Secrets. Lies. Clothes.

3. Dante 1 provides a happily ever after for its hero and heroine, but there's still another major romance left to be resolved. C'mon, you can't leave them hanging that way forever.

4. Agent Double D3, whose advice is crucial to helping us keep those special relationships with the werewolves, vampires, zombies, ghosts and mummies as, um, special as they need to be.

5. You don't have to give much. This really is a case of little things add up.

6. The new cover for Poseidon VII, the second in SJ's erotic futuristic series about the sexy and romantic agents of PIACT, deserves some cover love.

7. The bath scene in Poseidon VII deserves... well, let's say you'll enjoy it--and the elevators--a lot.

8. Free fiction--SJ shares a lot of it, both on Beyond the Veil and his web site.

9. Every dime of the money donated will go to SJ.

10. He needs to stick around to see Space Burps, his hilarious (really, I've beta read it) science fiction comedy get published and make the USA Today bestseller list.

11. Cyberius III, the award-winning first installment of the PIACT undercover space agents series.

12. All the wonderful novels he hasn't finished yet.

13. Because if we don't help each other, who will help us?



Carolan Ivey said...

Thanks, Jean Marie. I think all of us who have been touched by SJ and his wonderful wife Theresa could add a whole lot more to that list!

During the period when my father was dying and immediately after, SJ and/or Tree never failed to email me regularly, and cheered me on as I made my first painful steps back into writing.

He's a special human being and the world needs more like him.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Definite cover love! I'll post a link from my blog . . . here's hoping for many, many more tales from a talented author.

Jean Marie Ward said...

Thanks so much, Ladies!

ladybirdrobi said...

SJ has been in my prayers ever since he sent me an email and updated me on what's been happening with him. I'm waiting for payday, should be in the next two days. I have bookmarked the page so I can donate as much as I am able. Put him on my MIL's prayer chain. Tomorrow I will get him put on a few others, Whoever thought this up has done a good deed because SJ deserves the best, fell in love with his sense of humor and his ability to take me on PIACT adventures. I'll be back.


Jean Marie Ward said...

Thanks so much, Robin. All the credit goes to Carolan. She's got lots of other things up her sleeve too.

katsrus said...

I wish I could of donated more but; monies are tight. I gave what I could. I pray SJ can get the help that he needs.
Sue Brandes

Carolan Ivey said...

Thanks so much, Sue. Every little bit helps, truly. :)