04 April 2011

After the Attack at My Son's School

It has been nearly a year since a man who called himself Satan walked onto our elementary school campus in the middle of the school day, opened the first classroom door he came to, and beat a teacher. And that was only the beginning.

If you want to read the whole story, I blogged about it here:

Beyond the Veil May 3, 2010

This is what has happened since:

1) After jerking the judicial system around for several months, the man in question finally pleaded "no-contest" to the charges. He is serving five years behind bars.

2) Sadly, the teacher who was injured has moved away.

3) The school has implemented several "lock-down" changes to the campus and other schools in the area have upgraded their security systems.

4) The two teachers who risked their lives for the students would tell you that they didn't do anything special. We all know the truth. Those men are heroes. Especially the dapper teacher who brought the guy to his knees with a jab of his rolled up magazine. The kids wonder if he is a secret agent. :-)

5) The sixteen-year-old boy who fought with the madman was interviewed on television and the papers as one of the heroes on the scene. He seems like such a nice young man. I wish him well.

6) My sweet boy may not be as innocent as he was before the attack, but he is still just as caring. The day after the incident, he spoke to the Superintendent at the school and asked that new locks be put on all the doors so that the teachers don't have to hold them shut. The Supe had it done within a week and reported back to my son that it had been taken care of.

7) And me? Well, I cried again when I re-read this. It's so easy to forget how each and everyday is a gift. Love your babies and hold them tight. And if you get a chance, thank a teacher.



Jean Marie Ward said...

Hugs. Just hugs.

Kimberley Troutte said...

Thanks Jean Marie. I love hugs.