04 May 2011

The Mirror of Yu-Huang goes on tour!

Last month I talked about how hard it was to be interesting. I think I said it came to me because I was working on something for May. It's May, so you all can know about it now.

This month my newest book, The Mirror of Yu-Huang (Library of Athena, Book 3), is on a virtual book tour! The tour is being sponsored by Pump Up Your Book promotions. There will be interviews, reviews, excerpts, guest blog posts, and giveaways, all over the internet.

The tour has already started, but you can catch up (the beauty of a virtual tour is that it doesn't disappear) and follow along with the tour schedule at my Virtual Book Tour page.

This is my first tour with Pump Up Your Book, but my second blog tour. Honestly doing it myself was SO MUCH WORK. This time I just have to keep up with all the interviews and guest blogs and get them done on time and try to be amusing and interesting and get people to want to read the book.

Hey, with the price of gas prices, it's much cheaper to do a book tour this way. And greener!

Come on tour with me!

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Jean Marie Ward said...

Congratulations on the release and the very best best-selling wishes!