26 July 2008

Chinatown and San Francisco – looking ahead

A week from now, I (and several thousand other romance writers) will be in San Francisco.  By next Saturday, we’ll be wrapping up our days of seminars and workshops, and will hopefully have made good friends with the bartenders.  We’ll have bonded over cosmos and coffee, and made new friends over rubbery banquet chicken and authentic Dim Sum.  And we’ll be getting ready for what for most of us will be our final night in the City by the Bay, the night of the Rita and Golden Heart awards.

My flight arrives in San Fran early Wednesday, and I’ll have a few hours to sightsee before the conference really begins and I forget to sleep.  I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to spend those few hours, and what I would like to see.  I don’t often make it to the west coast (translation – this is the first time I’ve made it to the west coast!), and there’s quite a list of things I’d like to do.   But one idea kept jumping up and waving its arms like a third grader who’s been passed over for dodgeball a few times too many and is afraid to get left on the sidelines again.  Chinatown, and all its mysterious wonders, lie just over 2700 miles away from my front door.  I can’t wait to walk those famous streets.

I’ll be tweeting the conference (that’s live updates!), and making the occasional blog post when time allows.  And “networking”, the proper term for what goes into all those hours at the bar.  Maybe even attend a workshop or two.  I’ve got several hours Friday morning when I’ll be working the editor / agent appointments, and a few parties to attend (1 Wednesday, 2 Thursday, one Friday, Two Saturday).  And the whole time, I’ll be surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world – my fellow readers, at the literacy signing on Wednesday, and authors.

If you’re going to be in SF, I hope I see you somewhere along the way.  And if you’re not, I’m going to have some goodies to give away when I get back.  My next post here at Beyond The Veil will have a Paranormal Giveaway, with some fabulous books donated by my favorite authors.  Come back August 23 and see what I’ve got to share!

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