11 July 2008

Music to my ears...and a CONTEST!

Hello BtV fans!

I'm far from home dealing with multiple family health crises this week, so I don't have much to add to the slew of excellent posts we've had over the last month. If you've missed anything, I urge you to go back over the archives. It's worth the trip.

A new bright spot in my life is that an old friend of mine has returned to her first love - making music - and she's graced two of my titles with custom-written instrumental songs! For your listening pleasure, go here to listen to "Abhainn's Groove", which is an homage to "Abhainn's Kiss"; and "Night Ride", a tribute to "Beaudry's Ghost".


The faboo writing team of Wilder, Ivey & Kelly are giving away a FREE print copy of our In The Gloaming anthology on the Erotic Romance Writers site. Enter today! Deadline is July 13.
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