04 July 2008

Guest Blogger: D. McEntire

Please welcome D. McEntire, who is filling in for Gia Dawn while she recovers from surgery. Thanks for hanging out with us, D.!


Turn the page and enter a world where vampires walk among us though we, humans, are none the wiser. They have worked alongside humans for decades, adding their skills and compassion to the community. But, there are those among them who refuse to blend, refuse to follow the rules of society. They are rogue vampires―merciless killers of both humans and their own kind.

The Universe has a way of counterbalancing. Where there's a Ying, there's a Yang. Where there's Evil, there's Good, and where there are Rogues, there are Watchers─vampire warriors who hunt them.

Your journey into The Watchers Series begins in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Trigg is one Watcher among four in the Louisville Cell. He has two drives that keep him going each night. The first is to do his job as a Watcher. The second is to be left the hell alone.

Trigg's first drive isn't a problem, as he has been a Watcher for over fifty years. The second becomes more of a struggle when Robyn Andrews steps off a bus from Texas and onto city’s streets in the pouring rain.

It only took one look at the petite form huddled in the rain, counting a small stack of bills, to put a crack in his amour and chip away at his self-imposed solitude.

An act of kindness, which Trigg blames on a moment of temporary insanity, is repaid when Robyn jumps into a battle between himself and three Rogues without knowing she was not facing normal men. Her injuries force him to take her home...and into his heart, both of which he may never be able to undo.

Robyn came to Louisville to escape a deadly past. Can Trigg overcome his doubts of a relationship between a vampire and a human before her past catches up with her, or will he rebuild the crumbling wall around him and walk away?

The answers are in Midnight Reborn - The Watchers, Book One


Just as he arrived at Fourth Street, the block where the restaurant was located, a small figure amidst the crowd caught his eye. A waif of a girl was standing in the pouring rain while huddled over a small stack of bills, counting the cash. Suddenly, her shoulders slumped and she hesitated a few moments before shoving them into her back pocket.

With a slight shrug of her shoulders, she pulled the collar of her jacket closer to her neck and proceeded down the street, heading in his direction.

Trigg didn’t know why she had caught his attention. He had walked the streets of this city and cities like it night after night for what seemed like an eternity, hunting rogue vampires in an effort to protect humans and fellow, more civilized, vampires. Not once in all this time had he paid much attention to those around him, those he swore to protect. His focus was always on seeking out and eliminating Rogues.

Only a short while ago he had passed throngs of people on his walk to Fourth Street, but had paid them no mind. It wasn’t as if he had a particular dislike for humans, or others of his kind for that matter, he just didn’t want to deal with them. He wanted to do his job and be left alone.

What in the devil made him notice her? Unmistakably, he had felt something as he watched her, as if her sadness and despair, so evident in the way she carried herself, washed over him. Trigg scowled at himself for even thinking such a thing. He was just tired and needed to eat and get back to the Cell.

Turning away from the girl as she continued to make her way in his direction, he rounded the corner and walked to the door of the restaurant.

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