13 October 2010

Good News!

I just signed a contract for my time travel paranormal. This will be my 5th book with Samhain Publishing and my 10th book total.

All of my books are near and dear to my heart, but this one is probably the nearest and dearest. Its been a long road for these characters and their story. Wherever You Are was the third book I've ever written and its a huge understatement to say its been through quite a lot of revisions to become the book it is today.

Keeping fingers crossed that this will be the first in a trilogy.

I haven't received a release date yet, but when I do, you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, here's an unedited blurb:

Morgan's life takes an unexpected turn when the stowaway aboard his burning ship isn't an enemy spy but Juliana, the woman he left behind in the twenty-first century. Unwittingly thrust into Morgan’s dangerous world, Juliana gains the attention of Morgan’s enemy--the man who once enslaved Morgan and who will now settle for nothing less than Morgan’s return to slavery and possession of Juliana.

For the one woman he’s never forgotten and a love that defies the centuries, Morgan must conquer his fears and battle his deadly enemy to keep Juliana at his side.
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