16 October 2010

Smoking...or not

James Dean encouraged a generation of wannabe rebels to light up. In fact, most of the old, classic movies from the 1930’s to the 1960’s cigarette smoking was as common as eating. Maybe more. And then something happened. We, as a culture, realized smoking was really bad for people. Cigarette ads became illegal in the US in 1971. Slowly, cigarettes became less common in society and in movies and TV shows. It became rare to see smoking characters on TV. Smoking in movies was more common, but not like in the decades past. By the turn of the last century, cigarette smoking was being banned in more and more places every day. As someone with asthma and a major allergy to cigarette smoke, I was thrilled. I could finally go to a pharmacy or supermarket and still breathe. It was wonderful. I was hoping the downswing would continue. But it was not to be.

The last two episodes of House included a character who smoked (a woman in both cases, with is interesting in a whole other way). Then Caprica also had a smoker, male, one of the major characters. That got me thinking. I’ve seen more smoking in movies and TV in the last few months than in years. What’s happening, folks? Are we moving back to the acceptability of smoking? I hope not. I like this breathing thing.

And please, don’t tell me you have a right to smoke. Sure you do, in your own space. Away from mine. Like I said, I like breathing.

As a bonus, if you smoke less, you might live longer. Just saying.

Have a great weekend.

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