08 October 2010

Life's too short to wear boring socks...

When I was a teenager, I longed to be one of those girls who seamlessly pulled off the 'preppy' look. They always looked neat... chic... right down to their socks that invariably matched the rest of their outfit.

Alas, I've never been a trend setter. I'm more the girl who catches on a day late and a dollar short. And I can never keep track of matching socks. :\ I'll spend ten or fifteen minutes some days looking for two clean ones that go together -- an exact match, if I'm lucky.

My daughters have gotten me to loosen up a bit over the years. They love those funky little patterned/colored socks you find at most stores. You know -- green and red for Christmas; black and orange for Halloween; pink, red, and more pink for Valentine's Day; etc. All with various designs that are NOT in the preppy category.

They like them because they're cute. It's a small way to express their individuality in a world where we're expected to conform to social norms, or abnormalities, as the case may be. ;) I like them because they're comfy.

Okay, I admit, knowing I'm wearing orange stripes with black bats taking wing up and down my calves is fun. Besides, few people can see them except for a glimpse now and then. Those that do might wonder at my quirkiness, but that's okay. I have five children; we home school; I've been married once and to the same man for over twenty years. Only marriage for each of us. I think I've earned my 'quirk'. (GGG)

It's one way to express my personality without being in-your-face. I'm quiet...shy...reserved. I love watching people. I love music and furry animals. I love my kids and my dh. And I do love funky socks.

~~Meg Allison

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