07 October 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Save the Ta-Tas II, Beyond the Veil Edition

Greetings Kittens,

If you've visited my Thursday Thirteen, you already know it's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The very idea of being diagnosed or having a loved one diagnosed can make us feel frightened and powerless. I thought I'd turn that around in honor of the month and change our focus from fighting cancer to keeping our breasts and those of our loved ones healthy. And best of all these are things you can do with a simply trip to the grocery store. So I bring you:

13 More Foods For Breast Health.

1. Red Grapes. Like the polyphenols mentioned on my personal blog in reference to red grape juice; the grapes themselves not only provide the powerful antioxidants but in fruit from supply additional fiber and insurance against damage to the nutrients through processing.

2. Green Tea. Also an abudant source of polyphenols; the trick to get the most out of green tea is to brew it yourself. Using tea bags yields almost 90% more of the nutrients that protect the body. 4 minutes is all you need!

3. Tomatoes. Specifically cooked or roasted to enhance the lycopene, an antioxidant that attacks free radicals. They also yield vitamin C that helps prevent cellular damage.

4. Sweet Potatoes. Another great vitamin C source along with vitamin A which converts to beta-carotene that protects DNA against allowing malignant mutations.

5. Carrots. Another provider of vitamin A and therefore beta-carotene, they are also a rich fiber source and can be easily eaten raw as a snack.

6. Chili Peppers & Jalapenos. Capsaicin may neutralize nitrosamines and help prevent malignant formations in the stomach and elsewhere in the body.

7. Seaweed and other sea veggies will give you beta-carotene, protein, vitamin B12, fiber, chlorophyll and chlorophylones, important fatty acids that may fight against breast cancer. If seaweed is scary, everything is better with...

8. Garlic. It has immune inhancing allium compounds (dialyl sulfides) that appear to activate teh immune system and break down cancer causing chemicals.

9. Avocados. This fruit is rich in glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that attacks free radicals by blocking intestinal absorption of certain fats. Avocados also supply more potassium than bananas and is a good source of vitamin A which gives us what? Yep, beta-carotene.

10. Figs. Because I'm all about the vitamin A right now. But that's not to forget that figs supply vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium which may play a roll in curtailing appetite to improve weight loss efforts.

11. Mackerel. Because you need something to eat alongside these yummy fruits and veggies and it might as well be high in vitamins, minerals and contain 21% more omega-3s(EPA & DHA) than salmon.

12. Rosemary. If you want to bring out the chicken instead of fish, rosemary may help increase activity in detox enzymes. Furthermore its extract, carnosol, has inhibit the development of both breast and skin tumors in animals. Rosemary can also be consumed as a tea if meat is not for you.

13. Tapioca. There should always be dessert and tapioca is derived from the cassava plant which produces linamarine, one of the body's tools in fighting cancer.

To Your Continued Health and that of Your Loved Ones!


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