15 July 2011

The end is here...

For the first time ever, I actually attended a midnight movie premier. Yep. I was there in a theater packed to the rafters, although my muggle costume was rather ordinary compared to the person with a snake around his neck and numerous others in Hogwarts' style robes. True fans are an interesting lot. ;)

It's been a busy week: a short family trip out of town; Harry Potter premier; and, of course, our oldest son's 16th birthday -- the best part of it all.

I'm left feeling both tired and satisfied with the way things turned out all around. Yet, a part of me is a little sad, as well.

While our family trip was fun, it wasn't quite the same as when the kids were little. They aren't as easily entertained and amazed. ;) Also, though I'm not a true HP fanatic, I do think it's sad that we don't have another movie 'coming soon'.

The most bitter-sweet aspect has been watching my little boy grow into a thoughtful, intelligent and funny young man. I'm proud of the person he's becoming, even while a part of me misses the little guy who used to build with blocks for hours and loved to cuddle. Yes, that was many years ago, and yet, I remember it as if it were yesterday.

We may have said good-bye to Harry and company today, but we can re-visit them in both books and movie form. Daily if we should so desire. If only we could return to our childrens' childhoods as easily, even for a few hours.

~~Meg Allison

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