04 July 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

My Fellow Americans,

Where's the party, Kittens! *Grin* I hope you're all having a wonderful time, gathered with friends, grill safely blazing in the back yard and fireworks tonight--for those of you in legal areas to celebrate such.

With the wildfires covering the Southwest and the continued drought conditions, there's only one celebration with fireworks still going in New Mexico. It's over water, so safe and highly regimented, but still more a cause of concern than the childlike abandon of just last year. My thoughts are with those brave men and women fighting the Southwest fires so that I can be safe in my home.

My thoughts are also with those courageous men and women fighting overseas so that I can be safe in my country. I see the vote in New York recently as a symbol of everything they are fighting for right now. Our freedoms and their protections are what make the United States, the country we like to think ourselves to be. In the end, until everyone of us is free, none of us is free. I welcome back our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husband and wives, mothers and fathers, and look forward to the fight on our own soil for freedom becoming a success of the past, including the fight for those same women and men to serve openly, without regard to who they love.

Happy Birthday, America! And congratulations on your lastest step to becoming everything you can be. :)

Progressive Patriotic Ramble ~ Done


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