20 July 2011

Thursday Thirteen – 13 reasons to read my new book, Worlds Collide.

I’m totally stoked about my new novel, which my author copies for just showed up in the mail today. I thought I’d share some of that excitement with y’all. More TT fun can be found at Dreamtime and Xakara's Blog

13) World Collide has an ass kickin’ shape shifter heroine!

12) You know you love vampires that don’t sparkle…we got those too.

11) The story happens in Madison, Wisconsin… you did know that’s where the cool people live, right?

10) Did I mention the sexy female vampire heroine? The very, very sexy female vampire heroine!

09) Worlds Collide has got adventure and suspense!
08) One of the heroines is a veterinary student. What’s sexier then an animal lover, especially one who can turn into an animal?

07) For those of you who read Natural Order, there’s at least two characters from that novel who have guest spots in Worlds Collide.

06) The villain is deliciously nasty.

05) Who doesn’t adore a culturally diverse setting with empowered women?
04) The romantic elements of Worlds Collide are sensual without being overly graphic.

03) Did I mention our ass kickin’ shape shifter heroine must chose between love and duty? What will she do?

02) You know you can’t get a story from me without a bit of humor thrown in too.

01) Worlds Collide is a love story, a story about fighting for what’s right, and a story about inner strength and courage. Come join the adventure!

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