18 February 2008

8 Days, A Realization, and A Gift

My first novella SHIFTING PASSIONS comes out in 8 Days on February 26th…and I forgot. I made plans for the day to meet with a new friend and workout and have an afternoon of it. When I finally looked at the date I recalled again, but for a moment I’d misplaced it. For a moment, there was no expectation for the day save the sharing of the afternoon with a friend and I had to laugh out loud when I realized I’d let the most anxious day of this part of my life slip my mind. Then I realized that a wonderful blessing had happened and the day is still about spending the afternoon with a friend.

I want the novella to do well and to pave the way for the full length novel coming after it. I want my world of preternatural politics, hot shape-shifters, kick-ass sprite assassins and vampire infiltrators to sweep you all up and leave you wanting more. The first taste of a much larger world starts with my poly-romance novella and the friends-turned-lovers-turned-friends-turned-triad story of Half-Therians Lena, Nathan and Armand. They are the appetizer of what I see as a seven-course meal and beyond, which makes them, and their little story, incredibly important.

And yet still, the day is about an afternoon spent with a new friend.

I’ve let it all go. Yes, I have promo plans in place and ideas of how to continuously promote it once it debuts. But in truth I’ve stepped away from it. The story itself is out of my hands. I’ve done all I can with it and it now belongs to all of you. Whether you buy it and read it first thing on Tuesday or come to it and my Therian World over time, it’s now yours. It moved through me, I gave it form; I passed it on, and now it’s about everyone else. That’s how a gift works. You can buy it, wrap it and fret over how it’s received but the moment you hand it over, you can’t take it back. It’s out there and someone is going to unwrap it and have a time.

I didn’t know it was going to feel like this. I didn’t know it was going to be this peaceful of an experience. Sales, reviews, fans, critics, none of that has gripped me as the focus and so in and of themselves, no one of those things seems important. In the end, having picked it out, wrapped it and handed over, all I can do is hope you like my gift.

So next week log on, pick it up, and take a look inside. I got it just for you and wish you great enjoyment. Me, well I’ve got a friend to meet, a workout to do, and of course, a little something more to whip up for you for next time around.

Off to pick out more gifts.

Gift Realization Ramble Done :)



Caitlin Hoy said...

Thanks for sharing your personal realizations with us. Your book looks great and I especially liked the cover. I love the books I've read so far.
P.S. Keep up the great and interesting writing.

Jean Marie Ward said...

Have a wonderful day! Can't think of a better way to spend a launch date under any circumstances. Cheers!

Moondancer said...

Hasve a wonderful time! It's so exciting to know how close you are to the rest of the world realising what a great writer you are, something many of us have known for a long time.