23 February 2008

New Release: In The Gloaming

It's out! It's out!

Well, not officially. But copies are flying off the virtual shelves on the Big Three - Amazon, BN and Borders - even though the official release date isn't until next week. :) Funny world, publishing!

In The Gloaming teamed my ebook, Abhainn's Kiss, with two works by writers whom I not only admire for their fantastic work, I can count them both as dear friends - Isabo Kelly and J.C. Wilder.

This anthology is an eclectic mix of fantasy and futuristic with a common thread of Irishness that we hope readers will find entertaining. Here's the blurb:

In the grey edge between light and dark lives a world unseen. That elusive edge is called The Gloaming.

Venture with three of Samhain’s most talented authors to that edge and beyond, where dwells danger, magic—and love.

Abhainn’s Kiss – Carolan Ivey lures you beyond the mists where a fragile Faery and has just one chance to restore Avalon to its former glory. Trouble is, her success—and her life—depends on a human man who doesn’t believe in Faery tales.

The Heron’s Call – Enter Isabo Kelly’s fantasy world, in which a sword mage returns from an ordeal to claim his soul twin, only to find out she wants nothing to do with him.

Thief of Hearts – Steal away to J.C. Wilder’s shadowy futuristic, where honor among professional thieves could make a woman’s career, or once again break her heart.

Warning, this title contains the following: hanging-from-the-chandeliers sex, graphic language, violence, light bondage, cool swordfighting, unruly Faeries, and did we mention hot sex?

Read an excerpt here.

Let's see, where else can you find me making a fool of myself recently? Oh yes, try these two venues:

My Raven Radio podcast interview. She babbles! She rambles! She tells ghost stories! I also dropped in to harrass J.C. during her interview the following week. Hey, just call me the professional peanut gallery.

EroticRomanceWriters.com interview. I chat about trying my wings in the erotic romance genre, and about my January release, Beaudry's Ghost.

Whew, it's been a busy few months, with releases back to back to back from November through February! Now I can take a breath and get down to serious work finishing another book. It's the Beaudry sequel, "Dark of Light." After that, if you hear mad giggling coming from the direction of Ohio, it's just J.C. and I cooking up something hot in our state-of-the-art erotic romance lab. Muaaahahaha!

Have a good weekend!


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