06 November 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things about Gamer Love

1. Gamer Love is my latest release!

2. Online role-play is the concept behind Gamer Love.

3. Gamer Love is a multicultural romance

4. Gamer Love is a modern tale.

5. Gamer Love is set in Las Vegas and Arizona

6. Abram (Gamer Love's hero) is a Border Patrol Agent.

7. Lindsey (Gamer Love's heroine) is a librarian.

8. Abram & Lindsey met online in a paranormal fan-fiction group.

9. Gamer Love flowed easily through my muse.

10. Already anxiety grows as I wait to hear from a reader or reviewer on their thoughts of Gamer Love.

11. Writing Gamer Love allowed me to dabble in my former addiction of writing fan-fiction & role-play.

12. Here's Gamer Love's story video.

13. Here's a short blurb for Gamer Love:

After months of online games, Lindsey's finally meeting her playmate Sandulf in the flesh. And what gorgeous flesh it is! When cyber role-play turns reality, Lindsey has to learn to show the gamer she wants to give him real love.

Melissa Lopez
JOURNEYS OF LOVE every woman needs to take.

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