15 November 2008

The crowded cave

I've been in my writing cave this week. It's been a productive one - Flawed is off to wiser minds, although I know the final scene is going to need more than a little tweaking when it comes back. But it gave me my usual emotional rush to get to The End - and then ten seconds later to hear that brooding voice in my head say "what's next".

I told that voice to go talk to itself, and get back to me when it has something.

Because when I looked up from my writing, I found my "cave" had become a disaster. I took over the front room of the house a bit ago, filled it with book cases (and books), a desk, my comfy green chair, and labeled it library. Unfortunately the furniture fairy seems to have declared it a breeding zone. Right now there are a desk, a white board, two couches, six chairs, three tables - no wait, four - an easel, a rolling laptop cart, and an extra lage dog bed taking up almost every inch of floor space. (I just found another chair - seven chairs.) There are also a rather large dog and a kitten determined to torment him in here.

As soon as her morning cartoons are over, I'm guessing my daughter will find her way in here as well.

Quiet, soothing and peaceful, my library is not. It's more than just a bit crowded. So today, that voice in my head is going to have to keep quiet just a bit longer. It's going to be a cleaning day in the cave.

What do you have planned this weekend?


Carolan Ivey said...

My hubby's out of town, golfing with his dad and brothers. It's gloomy, cold and rainy and I intend to make a big dent in to freebie short stories for December.

Dunvegas II, anyone? (grin)

Jean Marie Ward said...

How did you fit all that furniture in there?!?!
Hugs and smiles,
Jean Marie

Carolan Ivey said...

I have an entire sleeper sofa in my office, so it doubles as an auxilliary guest room.

It's a lovely room with built in book shelves and a window seat, big closet, room for the computer desk.

But do I actuall work up there? Oh no. I spend all my time with my feet up in the recliner downstairs! How dumb is that...I waited years for a house with the perfect office/writing nook and I'm rarely in there! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ahh, open space, I have found you! Three chairs and a table banished to someplace not here.

It was a tight fit Jean Marie >G<

Carolan, I have learned the hard way I can't work in my recliner - mostly because it's in the family room, and theres a TV just a few feet away. I am easily distracted. Now I wonder if I can keep the library clear until Thanksgiving? My brother might not appreciate it if there isn't room to pull the sofa out to sleeper mode while he's visiting.

Carolan Ivey said...

Same here - the tv is right in front of me. It takes discipline to keep it turned off, especially if there's something good on the History or National Geographic channels!

The radio is an alternative, but I can't listen to music unless it's instrumental and turned way down. I heart NPR but it's at least as much of a distraction as the TV if they're talking about something interesting.

Then again if it's too quiet, I fall asleep. LOL