25 September 2009


It's that time again, folks. That's right. Dead men (and women) walking, ghosts haunting, werewolves (and other wereanimals) ducking into shadows.

October is my favorite month on the calendar. Not only do I share my birthday with my good friend Paige McKellan, but it's also the month of my favorite holiday. Nope, it's not Columbus Day. It's Halloween. What other time of the year can shapeshifters, witches, and other things that make people scream come out to play without disguises?

And if you're looking for those dead men walking, ghosts, or shapeshifters running amok, then Samhain Publishing is the place for you this month. The Coming Soon pages are riddled with them!

To start off the month on October 6th, and just in time for my birthday, is my Maggie award winning novel, ANGELIC AVENGER. It's a first person Urban Fantasy in which my undead heroine is out to make her mark on the world by subverting chaos, beating down a shapeshifter rebellion, capturing a rogue angel, and fending off the advances of one very sexy, very much alive, hero.

It's the first book in my Angelic Avengers series. Check it out!

If you're looking for something that's a bit on the lighter side, consider Vivi Andrew's Romantic Comedy follow up to THE GHOST SHIRT, THE ACCIDENTIAL GIGGILO, AND THE POLTERGEIST ACCOUNT, a novella every beit as memorable as the title suggests. *wink* It comes out on October 27th, just in time for the doorbell patrol duty.

The next Karmic Consultants novel is THE GHOST EXTERMINATOR. Here, East meets West, figuratively speaking, in a memorable way. Jo Banks is the Ghost Exterminator and Wyatt Haines is the non-believer who happens to own a very haunted inn.

How much mischief can two ghosts get a body into? That's a question THE GHOST EXTERMINATOR answers in hilarious fashion. If you're looking for a book to sit down with while you're waiting for the mini-monsters to ring your doorbell, this one will guarantee that you answer the door with a bubbling smile.

But, if you're looking for something a little hotter, consider Mary Hughes's Red Hot Biting Love story, BITE MY FIRE. It's also an October 27th release. In this prequel to her book, BITING NIXIE, Mary Hughes brings two things to life that are an essential element in a Halloween Romance: a sexy master vampire and a kick-ass heroine who can't let all the temptation he represents distract her from solving her case...well, not too much, anyway.

BITE MY FIRE has all the promise of being a wonderfully written romp filled with Hughes' trademark wit and wonderful characterization. I know I can't wait to read it.

*sigh* October is never a good month for my bank account, and I think my book budget is officially spent.

In other news, we're looking at putting together a "TRICK-MY-TREAT" contest, so stay tuned for details! If you're an author who would like to participate, please let me know and I'll send you the participation details.

So...there ya go....BOOOO a little early!


Carolan Ivey said...

I LOVE that cover for Angelic Avengers!!

Kaye Chambers said...

I was lucky to get a great cover artist. It took me a bit aback, at first. Mostly because it was hard to imagine my Bella in the flesh. It grew on me pretty quickly though. :)