07 September 2009

Cover Art Goodness

Let's have an art show, shall we? I want to show off some new covers for new books of mine that will be out next year. I have two Kensington Brava covers for my upcoming zombie stories. And just for Carolan, they actually have heads! (See the previous post by Carolan Ivey.)

My short novel in the HALF PAST DEAD duology is called SIMON SAYS. Here's a little bit about it:

Special Forces soldier Simon Blackwell ended his affair with Mariana Daniels three years ago, but he hasn’t stopped protecting her. Mariana has no knowledge of the dark, deadly creatures that lurk in the forest surrounding her clinic, or of the mysterious powers that make Simon the only one who can defeat them. But soon he’ll have no choice but to reveal the truth, and urge her to trust in an explosive passion that never faded...

And it's already available for pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BooksAMillion. The book is slated for January 2010 release, though the official release date is 12/29/09. The short novel in this book starts a whole new series of paranormal tales I'll be writing for Kensington Brava that continues with:


Thrills, chills and a smoldering sexy hero combine to unforgettable effect in Bianca D'Arc's irresistible new novel of paranormal romance...

When police officer Sarah Petit investigates a disturbance in an abandoned building, she expects to find a few underage drinkers. Instead, she's attacked by creature straight out of a horror movie. Waking a week later in a hospital, Sarah is visited by Special Forces soldier Captain Xavier Beauvoir. The zombies who attacked Sarah are the result of military research gone terrifyingly wrong, and Sarah's immunity to the virus makes her the perfect person to help Xavier eradicate them. But his smooth Cajun accent, whiskey-colored eyes, and dizzying kiss are risky to her in a very different way.

Sarah attracts danger like a magnet -- and the smart, fearless cop attracts Xavier too, instilling a bone-deep need that's undermining his steady facade. Enlisting her aid is a necessary gamble, but vicious undead creatures are not the only enemy they face. And the only way to keep each other safe is to trust in an instant connection that could be their greatest strength -- or the perfect way to destroy them both...

Another stunning cover, isn't it? And this novel will be out in March 2010, to be followed by another novella in September 2010 and two more novels - one in November 2010 and one in 2011.

I also recently got a new cover for my next dragon book, DRAGON STORM, which will be coming out in eBook from Samhain in November. It hasn't been officially approved yet, so I'm not allowed to post it, but it's very different from my other dragon covers, as is the book. I'll post it next time it's my turn to blog. :)

Oh, and if you're interested, INFERNO is now available for pre-order on Amazon and BAM too. It's a red hot romance between a werewolf and a vampire with a little help from some other supernatural friends. ;-)


Carolan Ivey said...

I love those covers...and look! They both have heads! [wink]

Cool font for the titles, too. What font is that, do you know?

Bianca D'Arc said...

I was so happy they had heads when I saw your last post. ;-) I'm not sure about the font. I'm curious about that too. If I find out, I'll let you know! :)

Suzette said...

Love the covers, want the books!