27 May 2007

Divination Sunday - Comment and you may win a FREE reading!

We now declare the Hogwart's School Annex officially open! :)

My love affair with Tarot decks began a few years ago after J.C. Wilder showed me her impressive collection. I fell in love with the art of Tarot. Before long I purchased my first deck, the Ancestral Path deck.

But, like potato chips, you can't stop at just one.

My collection of tarot and oracle decks now consists of:

Ancestral Path Tarot
Sacred Circle Tarot (personal favorite)
Llewyllyn Tarot (most recent purchase, card pictured above)
Arthurian Tarot
Lord of the Rings Tarot
Faeries Oracle
Fairy Ring Tarot
Celtic Oracle
Rock Art Tarot
Mini Rider-Waite Tarot
Celtic Book of the Dead Oracle

Those are just the ones off the top of my head. In order to do a complete list I'd have to get up and go upstairs to my bookshelves. :)

I tend not to buy a deck unless the art really speaks to me - reaches out and grabs me. It has to be lush, beautiful, complex. So that every time I look at a card, I see something different, depending on the question at hand.

I may go years between deck purchases, until I run across something that screams "buy me!" Such a deck was my most recent purchase, the Llewellyn Tarot. Of all the decks I own, this one and also the Sacred Circle tarot give me readings that are spot on. Rarely do they fail me. The art is amazing, and it's based on Welsh legends, which includes Arthurian myth.

Some of the other decks, like the Fairy Ring tarot, are beautiful to look at, but give me nothing but gibberish when I do a reading. It's funny, because Fairy Ring was done by the same author and artist as Sacred Circle, which is one of my mainstays. Others, like the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud, give nothing but happy, positive readings and the art is just breathtaking.

So before I wax poetic (and boring) about my beautiful tarot decks, let's hear what you have to say about your experiences with Tarot. Do you have decks of your own? Have you had readings before?

Post a comment here and I'll draw names as to who gets a free, 3-card draw from my happy, amazing Faeries Oracle deck. Good luck!
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