28 May 2007

Shameless Plug - 2 New Releases from Bianca!

Yes, I'm going to use my blogging opportunity today as a shameless plug for my new books. Out today from Phaze is an anthology called "Fortune's Fool" in which I have a novella titled "King of Swords." All of the stories in this anthology have something to do with fortune telling, precognition or psychic phenomena. My story has a little of each and is set in the distant future, on a space station, out among the stars.

Here's the blurb: Sparks ignite when a psychic meets a special ops warrior aboard a space station. When enemies attack, will close quarters and danger draw them together?

And a bit more from my website: King Of Swords is the first in a series of stories set in the same future as my Sons of Amber series, but earlier in the timeline. King of Swords takes place a generation or two before Ezekiel, when the ongoing Rim skirmishes with forces of the jit'suku empire make the civilian stations in the outlying areas of the Milky Way Galaxy dangerous places to live. Watch for the next Sons of Amber story - Michael - coming this August!

Here's the link to my page on Phaze, where you can purchase the book: http://www.phaze.com/authors-biancadarc.html

Now, as for tomorrow... my novel, Hara's Legacy releases from Samhain Publishing and it's a HOT one! Hara's Legacy is the first in a series of five novels set on a future Earth. The survivors of humanity must teach the Earth's new inhabitants what it means to be human... and to love.

This story is a very hot menage tale set in a post-apocalyptic world. It has a mix of genres - a Western flavor and three hunky cowboys - an alien threat and lots and lots of love. The heroes all have psychic gifts - the eldest brother is precognative, the middle brother telekinetic and the youngest a very strong telepath. All must band together to protect the highly empathic girl-next-door they all grew up with and love.

Check out my website for more information and the purchase link, or just go to the Samhain home page or My Bookstore And More to purchase sometime either late tonight or tomorrow. And let me know how you like it!
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