15 May 2007

Thank you, authors of Beyond the Veil, for inviting me to hang out with you today. I'm at the day job in a meeting from 9:00am to 10:30am MST (Mountain Standard Time) so if you drop me a post during that time, I'm not ignoring ya, I promise :D

So, what's the brou-ha-ha about paranormal romance these days? Is it the fact that authors of the paranormal come up with some of the most delicious heroes imaginable? Or, that we create worlds that allow a person to escape from everyday life, even if just for a few minutes in between diaper changes, meetings at work, or trips to the bathroom - (don't knock it, 'cause some of the best reading time is done in the bathroom!) Or is it the fact that authors of paranormal romance actually make you WANT a werewolf alpha or a sexy vampire? Who-da thought?

Some have asked me, the total paranormal nutball, where some of my ideas come from. And it's a hard question to answer. Some of my character's personalities and beliefs come from real life. Some come from things I'd like to do in life. Some, I just pull out of my a--, uh, hat. For example, the spirit guides in PRIMED TO POUNCE (Ellora's Cave) and EGYPTIAN VOYAGE (Ellora's Cave) are a mish-mash of Lakota myth and spiritual belief. I am part Lakota Sioux and Blackfeet and tend to weave some of the things into my stories that I heard and read while growing up.

On the other hand, a mix of my love (though not always 'like') for fitness plus professional experience working with pharmaceuticaul and biotech manufacturers found their way into CARINIAN'S SEEKER (Samhain Publishing) and SERATI'S FLAME (Samhain Publishing). But these two books are vampire stories with big bad alpha male vamps as the GOOD GUYS. What the hell? Did TJ run up on a couple of vampire cuties and decide to write a book about 'em? Er, not. But I can wish...

Another couple of books (JAGUAR'S RULE and SPIRIT OF THE PRYDE - Both from Ellora's Cave) feature jaguar and African lion shifters. Now, where'd they come from? I don't have a clue. The ideas just came to me one day and turned into two of my favorite stories.

I think paranormal appeals to so many because you can pretty much go anywhere, meet anyone between the pages (and the sheets), and experience all manner of yummy things with gorgeous alphas...even if they don't exist. We can even do magic! Any kind, any time, and in any way we wish. Long live paranormal romance! Wooo baby!

Personally, if I could get my hands on one of the sexy Were's I've been reading about lately, you wouldn't see me for AWHILE!

So...spill it - What is it about paranormal romance that turns you on? What do you want more of? Lay it on me, I can take it *wink*

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CARINIAN'S SEEKER, V.C.O.E. Book 1, Avail in digital and print
SERATI'S FLAME, V.C.O.E. Book 2, Samhain Publishing, August 2007
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