12 May 2007

Snapshot Klahdaghoscopes

The Klahdagh is a tile based divination system that works at a kind of mix between Viking Runes and the Tarot. Tiles can be drawn for short reading patterns of five and seven tiles, or a full reading pattern of twelve tiles. Alternately a "snapshot" of three tiles can be used for a "quick peek" reading. Although the seven tile pattern is the standard, I've used the snapshot version here simply because of time restraints and ease of readability. Because the readings below are grouped for people under the astrological signs I call them Klahdaghoscopes as opposed to regular Klahdagh readings. If anyone would like a free seven tile reading for themselves or for a character they are writing please contact me at sjmsmith44@comcast.net, with Klahdagh Reading in the subject line. Please note, these readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Thank you.


Work: Sleti - the wheat. This week is a good opportunity to encourage teamwork, especially with female colleagues. Patience and encouragement is needed to help a project grow.
Love: Widas - the wind. Relationships might be a bit troubled this week and your partner may seem distracted. Hang on, this is likely to be just a passing phase.
Wealth: Banil - the ring. Be careful with your finances this week. Family or friends may need a "loan", make sure you check all the details before making a decision.

Work: Fatala - winter. Things will be tough at work with difficult deadlines and other hardships but you will find colleagues pulling together to help you out. A female colleague in particular will inspire you.
Love: Palentia - The Eastern Queen. This is a very favorable week for you and your lover, or if you're single, to find a new love. You will find new ways to commune with your lover on an emotional and/or intellectual level.
Wealth: Elant - the sword. A surge of victory allows you to gain more careful control over your financial situation, either with or against the wishes of a female friend/relative.

Work: Sleti - the wheat. Your workload will be lightened by the aid of a female colleague but be patient, the effects of this effort will take a while to be noticeable.
Love: Brica - element of fire. Your lover's physical attraction to another woman may become a problem this week. Fight for what is yours and don't allow a simple flirtation to get out of hand.
Wealth: Nyi - the void. Take time to make sure your money is safe and secure. Check all the small print for added costs and be wary of trusting others with your investments and cash this week.

Work: Chobe - summer. This is a good week for work, If you were thinking of changing jobs, this would be a good time to do it, otherwise, expanding your empire, new contracts or clients are very likely.
Love: Fellick - The Northern Page. Your lover may appear to be somewhat distant from you this week, but listen and watch and their loyalty to you will be proven beyond doubt.
Wealth: Jhud - The Eastern Page. Some kind of message or messenger will bring good news regarding your finances this week, possibly as a result of study, or the arts.

Work: Amb - the cup. You have a long put off decision to make this week. Discuss it with a trusted friend before doing so, but ensure that the ultimate decision is yours.
Love: Urld - the world. Something unexpected and potent is going to happen this week with your lover. Whether for good or bad is uncertain, but whatever happens you have the strength to deal with it.
Wealth: Cisica - The Northern Queen. Financial success will come to you provided you are faithful when you lead others.

Work: Kamen - The Northern King. People at work will get passionately involved in something this week - a dark haired man is indicated. Judge things very carefully before taking sides.
Love: Delg - the cage. You may be feeling trapped and caught in a physically unfulfilling relationship this week. It is not an end all situation, but a concerted effort to communicate and work on the problem with your lover is called for.
Wealth: Lianche - The Southern Page. If you are responsible for someone else's finances this week be very careful. There are indications that deceit might be afoot regarding these funds.

Work: Leig - the cat. Be determined and experimental this week. Don't be put off your ideas by conservatives and you should reap the rewards of success.
Love: Kamen - The Northern King. This is a passion filled week for you and your lover - expect the evenings and nights to bring a few emotional fireworks into your life.
Wealth: Fetoi - the man. Stick to your financial plans this week and don't be tempted to change them this is not a good time to play the stock market on a whim or rumor.

Work: Fatala - winter. Physically your workload is rough but with a good team spirit and delegation it is not insurmountable.
Love: Inna - the tree. This is a time of growth and recuperation for you and your lover. Take time out to enjoy the physical side of your relationship and this will help unite you, cementing your relationship more.
Wealth: Kle - the babe. Any investments, new budget plans, or other financial forays will come to a completion this week possibly through the help of a male friend/family member.

Work: Telora - The Western Page. A time of success where some milestone or contract is achieved and there's a brief time to sit back and relax. This is a good time for study or for reflection on the past few months.
Love: Shax - the axe. Obstacles in the way of your relationship will be cleared with the minimum of effort. This is a good time to work on those niggling doubts.
Wealth: Kle - the babe. The wealth indicated here is more of a spiritual/emotional scale. Something will give you an all round good feeling and sense of wellbeing this week.

Work: Phel - the storm. A satisfying time at work where a conglomeration of different ideas and concepts are brought successfully together.
Love: Orkst - the bridge. Difficulties and obstacles in your relationship will be eased away this week. It is likely your love will grow stronger. If you're single a new love is likely to appear.
Wealth: Kelm - spring. Keep an eye out this week for good investments and other financial opportunities.

Work: Phlo - the ship. Travel for work is likely or else the discovery of a new way of doing things, new resources, or new clients is possible.
Love: Stexi - fall. Set aside time for you and your lover. You need to gather your strength and secure your love, there are difficult times just ahead.
Wealth: Cisica - The Northern Queen. You will need to give your best efforts this week to make a success in your financial field.

Work: Takindal -The Southern King. This is a difficult time at work but in spite of everything a silver lining is there somewhere, it may just take a little while to find it.
Love: Kle - the babe. This is a very good week for your love life, if you are trying for a child, this could be the week that it happens.
Wealth: Shax - the axe. Obstacles in your path are easily removed this week, don't be afraid to approach those in financial institutions.

May you all have a good week.

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